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  1. Hypothyroidism and T1D

    Your skin is dry, you feel cold and constantly tired (but have trouble sleeping), you’ve quickly gained about 15 lbs. that you just cannot lose, and you’re always feeling just a bit sad. You mention these symptoms to your endocrinologist at a check-up, and she decides to screen you for thyroid disease. A few days […]

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  2. The Camp Experience: Two Moms’ Stories


    Now that Labor Day and the start of the school year is upon us, many parents are scrambling to meet with their child’s teacher, school nurse, or principal about their child’s care. While there are plenty of resources available to parents in creating 504 plans, letting a child with T1D out of their sight is […]

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  3. Dig into Research with Our “Did You Know?” Series!

    dexcom pie graphs

    Welcome to the first installment of “Did You Know?”—a series here on Glu that will review cutting-edge research articles. Hopefully this will get us all talking about the things we want to learn more about. First up, I’m going to share an overview of how the process works, then we’ll talk about the results of […]

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  4. DiabeteSpeaks


    After much preparation and anticipation that you’ve read about here, T1D Exchange and Glu are launching a program that will amplify the experience of life with type 1 in a powerful way. The name we landed on is a play on words because there are always many “peaks” in our numbers—DiabeteSpeaks. Every day, through each […]

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