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  1. The Left Arm

    AF at FFL15

    This year, at the Friends For Life conference in Orlando, I tried something different. I was surrounded by my green-braceleted friends, at a place where comfort, enthusiasm, and passion is endless. I feel safe having diabetes at this event. Maybe that is why I decided it would be okay to switch it up a bit […]

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  2. When No Content is Content: A Glu Intern Project about Diabetes

    Downtown Crossing

    Hey everyone, Jesse Lavine and Ben Mains here. In our time as interns at Glu, we worked on a joint project we surreptitiously named “What is Diabetes?” The project was prompted by the infamous Crossfit controversy, which to us, exposed a lack of knowledge about diabetes and its intricate facets. So the question was, “What […]

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  3. Closing the Loop: Participate in Our Automated Insulin Delivery Survey!


    Want to tell researchers and engineers working on the artificial pancreas what matters most to you in a closed-loop system? Here’s your chance! We’re conducting a survey to find out directly from Glu users what features matter most in an automated insulin delivery system. Existing research currently focuses on the mechanical aspects of this technology, […]

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  4. Introducing the Newest Member of the Glu Team!


    My name is Danielle Gianferante. I recently joined the research team at the T1D Exchange as a research analyst. My background Unlike many of my wonderful new colleagues, I don’t have type 1 diabetes. In the past few weeks here at the T1D Exchange, as I have been reading research articles and Glu articles, status […]

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