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  1. Dear @CrossFit: An Open Letter


    To Whom It May Concern: This is a missive for all those who use their public position, power, and audience in public and the media to use words like “diabetes” and “diabetic” as pejoratives—while spreading catchy memes, rife with misinformation that ultimately make it harder for us actually living with diabetes to be healthy. Feeding […]

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  2. Glu Intern Ben Mains Returns!


    The long-awaited summer has finally arrived after an unorthodox school year, which means I’m back at Glu and the T1D Exchange! I am beyond excited to return to the fun-filled, energetic atmosphere at Glu, as it gives me a chance to get away from my quaquaversal teenage life. During this summer’s internship, I hope to […]

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  3. CrossFit Controversy

    Crossfit Tweet

      Exercise to me has always been something I’ve enjoyed—for both the physical benefits and mental aspects, whether it’s a walk in the park, or a track work out, I just feel good. With type 1 diabetes, exercise can pose a challenge in planning and executing because of timing of the insulin and food intake […]

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  4. A World of Apps

    We all know that diabetes management is a 24/7 job. But for smartphone or tablet users, there are several mobile apps available to help us do that job. Through a recent Question of the Day, we asked the Glu community for your favorite apps and online tools, and nearly 75 of you responded with your […]

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