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  1. T1D Exchange in Action: 5 Take-aways from Our Recent Research Conference


    Last week, I took part in the T1D Exchange Research Coordinator and Investigator Meeting in Florida—a conference where current and upcoming T1D Exchange research projects are presented and discussed. Attendees included many of the 230+ clinicians and coordinators from 70+ pediatric and adult sites in the T1D Exchange Clinic Network. Our own Glu Research team […]

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  2. Getting Medicare to Cover CGMs: What You Can Do


    Medicare (CMS) does not cover the cost of a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), no matter how great the person’s need for it. Finally able to bring your blood sugar under control by using a CGM? Had multiple episodes of severe hypoglycemia before using it? Sorry, a CGM is not covered. Unable to tell when you […]

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  3. The Five Followers


    After wearing the Dexcom Share for a couple of days and getting used to seeing my own numbers on my phone, I thought, “Okay I’ll start inviting people to follow me and my blood sugar graph using the Dexcom ‘follow’ app on their Apple devices.” I sent an email to a few people and they […]

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  4. 1-800: Glu’s Insulin Pump Tech Support Survey


    If you’ve ever called the 1-800 number on the back of your insulin pump with a crisis question or to re-order supplies, or for whatever other reason, then read on. Whether we remember or not, it was part of our initial training, we’re told that if we need to reach technical support, call the 24-hour […]

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