What’s Happening on Glu

  1. T1D and Pregnancy: Event Video

      Never did I imagine I’d be in a room with 30 other women with type 1 and their partners, let alone my husband as one of them, discussing planning a pregnancy with type 1 diabetes. The event, which took place on September 28, was a resounding success: questions and tips and tricks from women […]

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  2. Two Different Worlds: Having Type 1 and Parenting Type 1


    It’s well-known that if both mom and dad have pre-existing type 1 diabetes, the chances are higher that their children may develop it. But what is it like when you’re a parent and those all-too familiar symptoms start to present themselves in your child? We recently had the chance to talk to two moms with […]

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  3. The Basics of T1D: Autoantibodies


    Glu, we have a problem. As you may already know, tests for islet autoantibodies—molecules made by your own immune system that attack insulin producing cells—are being used in a few different ways. For example, services such as TrialNet screen family members of those with T1D to determine if they are also at risk for developing […]

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  4. Teenagers Are So Unpredictable…

    Diabetes walk-Grand Marshall

      At age 9, our amazing summer intern, Ben, learned he had type 1 diabetes. Ben’s younger sister Lilly was diagnosed as a toddler, so Ben understood life as he knew it was about to change. What Ben and his family didn’t anticipate: the tricks adolescence plays on diabetes. “I’m a sixteen-year-old kid. I have […]

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  5. Meet Gary Hall, Jr., the Newest Member of Our Team!

    Gary Hall Portrait

    My diagnosis was not uncommon, or ceremonious. Meter in hand, the family physician squirmed as he sheepishly delivered bad news, instructing me to seek out an endocrinologist immediately. An appointment was set for that afternoon. I left the office with a blood glucose meter, a vial of Humalog, and a head full of white noise. […]

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  6. A Glu Panel on T1D and Nutrition


    Food is probably a central point of every diabetes-related discussion at some point. Here at Glu Headquarters in Boston, we have a pretty diverse range of dietary approaches—some based on personal diabetes management and others based on parenting a child with type 1. We thought it would be fun (and hopefully useful!) if we got […]

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  7. Survey on Traveling with T1D

    Traveling with T1D can seem like a daunting process, between planning which supplies to bring, how to best navigate airport security, and strategies for keeping up your T1D management in other countries. Information about the travel process for people with T1D is often hard to find or fails to keep up with changing airline regulations […]

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  8. You’re Invited! A Glu Event on T1D & Pregnancy

    Flyer event clip

    Some of you may remember that we recently hosted a Glu survey on type 1 diabetes and pregnancy. The results are in, and we’d like to share what we learned! Whether you’ve had a child, are pregnant, or are planning on starting a family, you’re invited to hear our presentation, share your stories, and ask […]

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  9. What’s Changing on Glu: September 22, 2015

    What is Changing on Glu series image

    In my last post I warned you that it was going to be a couple months before you heard from me again. Well time flies and those couple months turned into more than 5; but I’m back and there are lots of exciting changes coming. Blaming Autocorrect — for those of us who often mistype things […]

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  10. DiabeteSpeaks Podcast Launch!


    DiabeteSpeaks has been live on social media for just over a month—and the short photo stories have been provoking discussion and shedding light on perspectives of life with type 1 diabetes that are less commonly discussed in the diabetes community. It’s hard to turn over all the stones and look into all the nooks and […]

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