What’s Happening on Glu

  1. The Left Arm

    AF at FFL15

    This year, at the Friends For Life conference in Orlando, I tried something different. I was surrounded by my green-braceleted friends, at a place where comfort, enthusiasm, and passion is endless. I feel safe having diabetes at this event. Maybe that is why I decided it would be okay to switch it up a bit […]

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  2. When No Content is Content: A Glu Intern Project about Diabetes

    Downtown Crossing

    Hey everyone, Jesse Lavine and Ben Mains here. In our time as interns at Glu, we worked on a joint project we surreptitiously named “What is Diabetes?” The project was prompted by the infamous Crossfit controversy, which to us, exposed a lack of knowledge about diabetes and its intricate facets. So the question was, “What […]

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  3. Closing the Loop: Participate in Our Automated Insulin Delivery Survey!


    Want to tell researchers and engineers working on the artificial pancreas what matters most to you in a closed-loop system? Here’s your chance! We’re conducting a survey to find out directly from Glu users what features matter most in an automated insulin delivery system. Existing research currently focuses on the mechanical aspects of this technology, […]

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  4. Introducing the Newest Member of the Glu Team!


    My name is Danielle Gianferante. I recently joined the research team at the T1D Exchange as a research analyst. My background Unlike many of my wonderful new colleagues, I don’t have type 1 diabetes. In the past few weeks here at the T1D Exchange, as I have been reading research articles and Glu articles, status […]

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  5. Inside T1D Exchange: An Interview with Chief Medical Officer Henry Anhalt

    2015-05-01 08 32 18 (00000002)

    We’re delighted to announce a new addition to our team! Dr. Henry Anhalt joined T1D Exchange as chief medical officer, and you’ll be hearing from him from time to time on Glu. As part of his new role with us, he’ll serve as a principal investigator and also be responsible for our long-term clinical priorities, […]

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  6. Sharing Research at Friends for Life 2015

    Amy at table FFL2015

    The Glu team has returned from the International Children with Diabetes’ 16th annual Friends for Life Conference in Orlando. For six days, hundreds of families affected by type 1 diabetes came together from all over the U.S. and the world, and Glu was there to share our mission of getting the type 1 community involved […]

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  7. Finding Your Team

    I am approaching 8 years with diabetes in February of 2016. I was diagnosed when I was 9, two weeks before my tenth birthday. The experience of being diagnosed was traumatizing, and the thought of life with diabetes didn’t sit well with me. Although I knew basically everything there was to know about diabetes before […]

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  8. Sweet Emotions: Balancing Physical and Emotional Wellness with T1D

    Miles tie dye

      “Excuse me, Mrs. Pratt. Would you please dismiss Amy? Her mom is here to pick her up.” Ahhh, the early dismissal. When I was seven, being let out of school early made me the envy of the second grade class. I would have been watching the clock, backpack in hand, waiting for that voice […]

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  9. Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

    Jesse headstand

    I remember the day I got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes: “No, No, No!” The words caught in my throat. Thick mucus held them down. The sound that escaped was the skin-prickling scream of a trapped beast or a tortured cat. My mother struggled to place me into my father’s silver SUV. I resisted, digging […]

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  10. Presenting Glu Survey Results at ADA’s Scientific Sessions

    Glu Research team staff, Asher Runion and Amy Kraus

      Almost one year ago, I joined the T1D Exchange team as a clinical research manager. Part of my role involves developing and managing the research studies we conduct on Glu. Last fall, we introduced a study examining the use of insulin pumps from the patient perspective. We were thrilled with the response from the […]

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