1. A New Travel Companion: GluAlex goes abroad with T1D


      When I started dating Rosie in 2014, I learned she was an Australian citizen, but never imagined I would someday spend nearly a month abroad with her family over the recent holiday season. After over a year of waiting and planning for this adventure, the time had finally come to prepare for our departure. […]

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  2. Double Diabetes: Dealing with Insulin Resistance in Type 1 Diabetes

    Insulin syringes

    Recently, Glu published a Call to Action to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in response to their recent report highlighting a significant reduction in newly diagnosed cases of diabetes. Although it appeared to represent significant progress in reducing the global obesity epidemic, the report was soon regarded as problematic, largely due to […]

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  1. You Told Glu! Six-Word Memoirs about Life with Type 1 Diabetes


      We know you love answering our Question of the Day.  It’s obvious from the hundreds of responses and lively discussions that follow each and every day, 365 days a year.  While this patient-driven real-world information helps drive research in various ways (including highlighting areas that warrant more in-depth study, assisting member companies developing new […]

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  2. DiabeteSpeaks: Finding Light in a Dark Place (Part 1)


    “I recognized that depression was holding me back from taking care of my diabetes. I made goals—I’m going to check one time a day, because I’m not checking at all…I didn’t check my blood sugar for about a year. So once would be an improvement. And then I changed that to two, four. Nowadays I […]

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  3. Four Tips for Managing Your Diabetes in a Hospital Setting

    hospital doctors surgery corridor

    As a person living with diabetes, the thought of needing medical attention and going to the hospital can be scary and cause a lot of anxiety. Whether it be a trip to the Emergency Room or a scheduled procedure, being prepared can help to ease some of the stress. The fact is, you will probably […]

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  4. Whetting your “app”etite – a new Glu app?

    Teenagers Using Mobile Phones

    Last week, one Question of the Day asked, “if Glu had a mobile app, what one feature that would be most important to you?” As of the writing of this article, 69% of all 275 votes favored the following features: Answering Question of the Day Participating in research surveys But it wasn’t the poll answers […]

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  5. Implanted Glucose Monitor Survey


    Glu Research is interested in learning about your thoughts on continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems. While news about diabetes technology comes at a rapid pace, and CGM use is increasing, there are many factors to consider when deciding on using them. By participating in this survey, you help T1D Exchange learn about everyday experiences with […]

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  6. Diabetes is Big. Government is Big. Our Voices Need to Be Big.

    Street signs near United States Capitol building, Washington, DC

    Glu has partnered with Bennet and Christel Marchand Aprigliano, the co-founders of the Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition (DPAC), to present a series of advocacy articles. This series looks at issues in diabetes management and public policy, and provides ways for the Glu community to get involved. This is the second piece in the series. The […]

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