What’s Happening on Glu

  1. A View Inside: Tandem Diabetes Care

    Screen Testing Process

    Part of my job as the community outreach manager of Glu is to build relationships with other type 1 communities to help them understand the value of Glu. On a recent trip to the West Coast, I not only was able to visit several clinics involved in T1D Exchange research, but I was invited to […]

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  2. A Small World

    BW KW

    “So Billy, I have this idea—I want to raise money for diabetes research,” my stepmother said to me at a family get-together. My ears perked up as she discussed this grand idea of doing local youth talent show in the town where I grew up. My stepmother is a musical director for many of our […]

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  3. CGM Questionnaire for Adult T1 Pumpers


    Make your voice heard today by participating in Glu’s questionnaire about continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). We are interested in hearing from registered Glu members who meet the following criteria: Have type 1 (T1) diabetes; Are >18 years of age; and Are insulin pump users Research Details After answering some screening questions to verify that you […]

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  4. A Letter to the New York Times

    BG Meter Color-5452

    The New York Times series Paying Till It Hurts by Elisabeth Rosenthal recently featured life with type 1 diabetes, and demonstrated the high cost of diabetes management. The reaction from the diabetes online community (DOC) was mixed at best. Many people appreciated the description of life with diabetes and were glad it helped raise awareness. Many […]

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  5. The Stork Has Landed!


    Hi, Glu! It’s good to be back! And, I’m a mom now—what?! How’d that happen so fast? I had planned to document every month (well, realistically, every couple of months) of my life with diabetes and pregnancy for the Glu community, but since my last post, life got a little hectic. Here’s a quick recap: […]

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  6. A Focus on Key Findings: Age of Diagnosis and A1c

    T1D Discover Age of DX

    Glu, part of T1D Exchange, works with a network of more than 70 clinics, a registry of data from more than 26,000 patients, and a sample repository that supports researchers from industry and academia. The T1D Exchange Clinic Registry bolsters the development of projects and programs in type 1 diabetes by helping researchers characterize individuals […]

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  7. Voices from the Glu Community: Be Heard!

    T1D Exchange Logo

    Let your voice be heard! Please take our T1D Exchange Annual Meeting poll about technology and quality of life. In his opening letter to Glu, Dana Ball, our co-founder and executive director, wrote: “We developed the nonprofit organization T1D Exchange and the online community, Glu, as unique resources with type 1s at the center, designed […]

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  8. Advisory Panel Supports MannKind’s Afreeza


    On April 1, 2014, an advisory panel of US regulatory advisors for the FDA voted that it should approve Afrezza for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Keep in mind, however, that the FDA does not have to follow the recommendations of this panel, but it’s an extremely positive sign moving forward. One of […]

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  9. Defining Ketones and the Ketogenic Diet

    Photo credit Phil Gladwell via flickr CC 2.0

    What are ketones? Ketones occur when the body can no longer break down any carbohydrate, so it needs to use its stored fat to help. They are small molecules made primarily of acetone that can be dangerous if ignored. Why do we check for ketones? Ketones are especially dangerous for those of us living with […]

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  10. Oh, Have We Come a Long Way

    April Tech Photo 1

    Whether you are newly diagnosed person with type 1 diabetes, a 50-year medalist, or somewhere in between, diabetes advancements have come a long way. It’s good to reflect back on the past diabetes management tools to appreciate what we have now and see how bright the future may be. I can’t tell you how impressed […]

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