What’s Happening on Glu

  1. California Dreaming: One Stop on our Journey as T1D Parents


    Have you ever found yourself faced with a view so beautiful it literally takes your breath away? Last week, on a trip out west, this happened to me. I was accompanying my husband on a business trip to San Francisco and Healdsburg, California, a majestic little town in Sonoma County. Yes, as you might have […]

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  2. 5 Ways to Help Someone Experiencing Hypoglycemia

    Medtronic Hypo Post

    Sometimes the cause of hypoglycemia is obvious—too much insulin, too little food or delayed meal or snack after taking insulin, extra physical activity, illness, or medications. Other times, it seems to creep up for no apparent reason. Hypoglycemia, low blood glucose (BG), is defined as a BG of less than 70 mg/dL. Predicting hypoglycemia can […]

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  3. T1D Exchange’s Big Win! How You Made It Happen…


    Guess what? Your commitment to the T1D Exchange and the Glu community has impressed the largest private funder of T1D research in the world. The Helmsley Charitable Trust is excited about how the T1D Exchange is driving faster, better research to improve type 1 outcomes. That means for a short time, if you make a […]

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  4. Breaking News – Maker of Asante Snap Insulin Pump closes its doors


    We have learned that Asante Solutions, maker of the Snap Insulin Pump, is going out of business, effectively immediately. If you or someone you care for uses the Snap Insulin Pump, please review the Asante Solutions announcement for more information. http://www.snappump.com/blog/Important-Announcement-from-Asante-Solutions Just in case the website is unavailable the information from the link above is captured […]

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  5. Not Getting Enough Sleep? Glu Wants to Know Why

    Participate in a sleep survey! Research shows that disrupted sleep is common for people living with type 1 diabetes. Many adults with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and parents of children with T1D routinely wake during the night to check blood glucose levels. In fact, there is a common misperception that sleep disturbance is a “normal” […]

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  6. This is YOUR Moment! Be Part of a T1D Exchange and Glu Mini-Documentary


    Recently, we began shooting the first T1D Exchange mini-documentary, a video about our vision and mission to improve outcomes in type 1 diabetes. People with type 1 are the heart and soul of our mission. So how could we complete a video without your involvement? We can’t! That’s why we want YOU to participate. We’ve […]

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  7. A View from the Other Side of the Tracks


    In the course of my travels I have been doing interviews with people with diabetes—and as you will soon hear, I like to conclude each conversation by asking, “What is one thing you’ve never told anyone about diabetes?” Some answers are profound or shocking. Some are evasive. Some, like the one I’m about to tell […]

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  8. The Future of the Artificial Pancreas


    The future of diabetes technology is gaining rapid momentum, and is in the news more and more. Whether you call it an artificial pancreas, bionic pancreas, or automated insulin delivery system, these types of devices are in development and as we’ve seen here on Glu, there is a tremendous amount of excitement about following the […]

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  9. Glu Ambassador Profile: Johann Onderdonk


    What does it mean to be a Glu Ambassador? Ambassadors help spread the word about Glu all over the country. They volunteer at camps, events, and conferences, and now, for the first time, we’re sharing their stories. First up is Johann Onderdonk! Why did you choose to become involved in the ambassador program? I chose […]

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  10. Noncompliant


    Words carry with them a lot of power, especially in their delivery. This week I spent several days at a diabetes conference, our T1D Exchange Annual Meeting; there were many people in attendance representing the diabetes industry, research, clinicians, and patient advocates. Everyone came for their own reasons—mostly to see what we are working on […]

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