1. Living with a Dual Diagnosis of Celiac and Type 1

    Yellow paper with the words Danger gluten on buns. Celiac Disease concept. Close up.

    In part two of our series on type 1 diabetes (T1D) and celiac disease (CD), we interviewed Stacey Cunnington, a college student who as diagnosed with T1D in 2011 and then diagnosed with CD just a couple of months later. We wanted to know how she deals with both diseases on a daily basis and […]

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  1. Project Pizza: GluAnna’s Test Kitchen

    Has there ever been a food more beloved and yet more challenging for people with type 1 diabetes? Something about that high carb/high fat mix makes pizza both incredibly delicious and incredibly difficult to control blood sugar! In part 2 of our 3-part series, GluAnna attempted to find the right pizza bolus and documented her […]

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  2. You told Glu: The Lowest of the Low

    pledge 1

    The community’s response to one of last week’s Questions of the Day was impressive! Not only did hundreds of you respond with your lowest blood glucose (BG) reading ever, you were curious too…and asked for a graphical analysis of the overall results. Well, GluRyan and GluDanielle are here to deliver! The average ‘lowest low’ people […]

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  3. DiabeteSpeaks, Episode 12: Diabetes Grows Up


    “We’re coming up with a game plan for when my wife is out of town. I’ll change my low alerts to like 100 or 120, and change my high to like 200. I get paranoid that I’ll have a low overnight that I don’t wake up from and discover my daughter was in her crib […]

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  1. At Long Last…the New myGlu Mobile App is Here!


    It’s here! After months of hard work, we are excited to announce our mobile app is now available for iOS (Apple) products. Now you can answer Question of the Day, browse articles, scroll through the feed and participate in surveys right from your iPhone, iPod or iPad! Why a myGlu app is an important part […]

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  2. The Diabetes Educator: Your Ally in T1D Management

    My summer used to consist of 10 weeks at diabetes camp — theme days, cafeteria food, and 2 a.m. finger pricks galore. As I moved into the professional world, my summers still revolve around diabetes, but in a much different way. In just a few days, the Glu team takes off again for our third […]

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  3. Did You Know? Celiac Disease More Common in People with Type 1 Diabetes

    This is the first of a three-part series on celiac disease (CD) and type 1 diabetes (T1D), researched by Glu summer intern, Ryan Brennick (GluRyan). Ever wonder what your providers are testing for when they are doing blood tests? Testing for celiac disease is popular for those with T1D, since symptoms often go unnoticed and […]

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  4. Citizen Scientists at Friends for Life 2016


    Big thanks to all of our friends and colleagues who visited our booth or attended our talk on Citizen Scientists at Friends for Life in Orlando last week!  Dr. Henry, GluAnna and I were delighted to share our mission to advance research and improve outcomes for all who live with type 1 diabetes. If you […]

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  5. DiabeteSpeaks, Episode 11: Making It Count

    diabetespeaks S1E11

    “During high school my family had no insurance. So I wasn’t checking my blood sugar and I was just taking shots here and there, whenever I could.” In this episode of our podcast, we talk with Adriana, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 4. We talk about the challenges of […]

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