1. Nancy Jones and Dana Ball: T1D Champions for Us All


    Dana Ball to be awarded the Nancy Jones Diabetes Champion Award Nancy Jones raised a T1D son before the world of social media—a time when it wasn’t easy to find and connect with other parents of children with T1D. But that didn’t stop Nancy. She found other mothers, connected with them, and built a social […]

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  1. Everybody Has Something

    Caroline Carter

      Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working with Caroline Carter, a local teen in my community living with type 1 diabetes, to share her story on Glu.  Caroline caught my attention because unlike so many kids her age living with diabetes and hiding it from her peers, Caroline is different. As […]

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  2. Applying Science to Exercise with Type 1: The Experts Weigh In


    Six months ago, a small group of us from Boston and Northern New England gathered to discuss our interest in bringing a Glu Event to the seacoast region of New Hampshire to serve a new group of Glu users and people affected by type 1. We brainstormed topics of interest that would be most helpful […]

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  3. T1D Exchange Principals Participate in Third International Conference on Progress of Regenerative Medicine and Its Cultural Impact


    Our executive director and co-founder of T1D Exchange, Dana Ball, our chief medical officer Henry Anhalt and our member and alliance manager (and ten-time Olympic Medalist) Gary Hall, Jr. have been chosen among only 300 others to attend and speak at the 2016 Cellular Horizons Conference. The Stem for Life Foundation, STOQ and the Vatican’s […]

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  1. Join Glu in Central Massachusetts for Family Diabetes Day!

    Diabetes Day Mailer cropped

    Central Mass folks-come join us at the Family Diabetes Day! Glu is co-hosting this program with the American Diabetes Association to bring you a day of fun for all ages. We’ll have age-appropriate break outs for kids, teens, parents, and adults with type 1 as well as panel discussions and research updates including the Bionic […]

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  2. Closing the Loop, One Bigfoot Step at a Time

    Bigfoot system on striped background with investigational watermark

      We all want to get our hands on the latest and greatest technology in type 1 diabetes, and it appears a closed-loop system is on the horizon. With several players in the race to bring artificial pancreas technology to market, one company to watch is Bigfoot Biomedical. We recently connected with Founder & CEO […]

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  3. The Diabetes Days of Her Life: Gloria Loring on T1D Support and Activism

    Gloria Loring and sons

      Gloria Loring is a long-time advocate for the type 1 diabetes community, turning adversity into action by first using her platform as a television actor on the soap opera Days of our Lives to raise money for JDRF in the early 1980s through a celebrity cookbook. Seven books and various Congressional hearings and JDRF […]

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  4. DiabeteSpeaks, Episode 7: Compromise and Communication


    Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of six, Jeff wanted to manage it on his own. As his mother recalls, “He was upset. The next thing I know, we’re in the hospital and it was needles forever and he just took it on and decided he was going to be the one that […]

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