1. What’s Changing on Glu? May 26, 2016


    For those of you keeping track, it has been more than six months since our last article about changes here on Glu.   We have actually stayed pretty busy during that time – including working with The Leukemia and Lymphoma society to launch their very own version of Glu.    In that time, we have made […]

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  1. DiabeteSpeaks, Episode 10: Lessons from the Cultural and Generational Gap


    “Every injection of insulin has its own story. Every needle represents an experience, a moment of time—what you might have eaten, what situation you were in.” In this episode of our podcast, host Steve Richert talks with Andres, whose parents moved to the US from a rural town in Mexico. Andres talks about how cultural […]

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  2. T1D Exchange Data Shows Patients Want Choice in Devices and Therapies

    hand holding an insuline pump

      The recent news that UnitedHealthcare has chosen Medtronic as its preferred insulin pump provider has elicited a strong reaction from type 1 diabetes stakeholders, including patients, advocates, businesses and organizations. We applaud these efforts to collectively demonstrate how this business decision will impact diabetes patients and the overall health care system, and offer our […]

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  3. Did you know? Stress May Increase Insulin Needs After Eating

    Stressed man breaking pencil, (Mid section)

    Study finds stress associated with higher blood glucose levels post-meal than during periods of fasting We all know life can be stressful, and managing your blood glucose (BG) every day under constantly changing circumstances is difficult in and of itself. What, then, are the physiological effects of stress on BG management? I watch my colleagues […]

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  1. DiabeteSpeaks, Episodes 8 & 9: Changing Places


    In this two-part interview, we talk with RoseAnn and her daughter, Jessica, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of eight. They discuss a number of issues, from the challenges of being on Medicaid to how Jessica deals with the misperceptions about diabetes she faces on a daily basis. “Diabetes makes you […]

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  2. Our GluMoms: How They Help us Face T1D Every Day

    Amy and Children

    People often ask me how many children I have.  The answer is three, but secretly, I consider type 1 diabetes the unexpected fourth child.  Being a mom is hard work, but parenting a child with a chronic illness that requires moment-by-moment management is something I never expected when I started a family.  I want to […]

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  3. Breaking News: UnitedHealthcare Designates Medtronic as Preferred Pump Provider


    UnitedHealthcare has announced that effective July 1, 2016, Medtronic will be the preferred in-network provider of insulin pumps.  While we are working hard to confirm the facts, initial reports state that this coverage will not affect patients under 18 years old or members of UnitedHealthcare Sierra Health and Life Commercial or Medicare Advantage.  Additionally, reports […]

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  4. Nancy Jones and Dana Ball: T1D Champions for Us All


    Dana Ball to be awarded the Nancy Jones Diabetes Champion Award Nancy Jones raised a T1D son before the world of social media—a time when it wasn’t easy to find and connect with other parents of children with T1D. But that didn’t stop Nancy. She found other mothers, connected with them, and built a social […]

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  5. Everybody Has Something

    Caroline Carter

      Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working with Caroline Carter, a local teen in my community living with type 1 diabetes, to share her story on Glu.  Caroline caught my attention because unlike so many kids her age living with diabetes and hiding it from her peers, Caroline is different. As […]

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  6. Applying Science to Exercise with Type 1: The Experts Weigh In


    Six months ago, a small group of us from Boston and Northern New England gathered to discuss our interest in bringing a Glu Event to the seacoast region of New Hampshire to serve a new group of Glu users and people affected by type 1. We brainstormed topics of interest that would be most helpful […]

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