10 Facts About Lilly’s Proposed Automated Insulin Pump System

by Craig Idlebrook/GluCraig

On the first day of the Lilly Diabetes Blogger Summit in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Lilly officials shared information about a proposed automated insulin pump system, and showed the assembled audience the prototype of the pump itself.

While no photos of the device were allowed, here are 10 facts shared about the proposed pump system:

-It’s round and about the size and thickness of a stopwatch.

-It communicates with the Dexcom G6 CGM and is smartphone connected.

-It can be worn on skin or in the pocket.

-They hope it will be tubeless in the future.

-It will hold between 100 units to 300 units of insulin.

-It has both reusable and disposable components.

-It is can be worn for three days before needing to be changed.

-Lilly is offering guidance that they hope to bring it to market within two to three years.

-Lilly began its first clinical trial on this starting in December and that trial is now complete.

-They said that trial produced a favorable result.

Of course, much may change during the development process, so all of the above may be different by the time the yet-unnamed pump system comes to market. We’ll be learning more about this pump system on Day 2 of the summit, so stay tuned.

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