Undocumented with Type 1 Diabetes - A Three-Part Series

We explore the hurdles to type 1 diabetes that undocumented immigrants, and children of undocumented immigrants, face in the United States.

5 Possible Artificial Pancreas Ideas for the Future

You can vote for your favorite new idea for treating diabetes as part of the T1D Exchange Diabetes Innovation Challenge.

By Craig Idlebrook, Glu community manager/GluCraig

Voting is now open for the People’s Choice Award, which is part of the T1D Exchange Diabetes Innovation Challenge. The Challenge is a prize competition that seeks to identify the most promising innovations in diabetes care and to award the top innovators with cash and in-kind support. For the People’s Choice Award, you can vote to select from among 30 innovative ideas in diabetes care from among our Challenge semi-finalists.

In this third of four posts, we’re highlighting the Challenge entries focusing on new ideas in Automated Insulin Devices (Artificial Pancreas) and related components, including novel glucose sensing, insulin delivery systems, and cellular therapy delivery technologies. Below, you can read brief snapshots of five ideas (we’ve hidden the identities of the semifinalists). Then follow the link below to vote for your choice.

  1. Idea: An insulin dose tool that only requires blood glucose data to determine dosing.

From the innovator: “Our expert algorithm capitalizes on decades of clinical expertise and advanced analytics to support all people with diabetes using the most limited data requirement.”

  1. Idea: A portable bioartificial pancreas that mimics the pancreas.

From the innovator: “The device is a modular, scalable, and replenishable artificial pancreas capable of insulin release in response to glucose.”

  1. Idea: An artificial intelligence (AI) tool that computes personalized insulin dosing from your own medical data.

From the innovator: “We have built AI which builds personal T1D models and computes personalized insulin dosing.”

  1. Idea: An artificial pancreas patch that mimics a healthy pancreas.

From the innovator: “We aim at restoring autonomy and a carefree living for all insulin-requiring patients.”

  1. Idea: A bionic pancreas that automatically injects insulin without piercing the skin.

From the innovator: “Our product provides optimal blood glucose control with minimal effort.”

Voting is now open for the People’s Choice awards, and you can vote until June 19th, 2018. To vote for one of these ideas, and many more, click here (registration is required).

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Also, join us for the Challenge’s Pitch-Off event at the Royal Sonesta Boston on May 21st, 2018. To learn more or to register, click here.

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Quotes from innovators may have been edited to ensure clarity and brevity.


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