8 Tips for College Students with Type 1 Diabetes on Move-In Day

-Craig Idlebrook/GluCraig

The College Diabetes Network provides a great guide for people with type 1 diabetes who are bound for college and those who love them. The long-running guide, Off to College with Diabetes, provides practical tips for young adults with type 1 diabetes at a time when many will be navigating blood glucose management on their own for the first time.

As a sample of the valuable info you can find in this guide, we wanted to share eight tips for managing type 1 diabetes while managing the chaos of moving day. The tips have been condensed and paraphrased from the guide:

1. Have some low snacks ready for blood sugar swings when carrying those heavy boxes.

2. Check your fridge to make sure it’s plugged in before entrusting it with insulin.

3. Go food shopping on move-in day to make sure you are stocked with low snacks right from the start.

4.Make sure your diabetes supplies are easily accessible when you lay out the room.

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5. Make sure you have a glucagon kit that’s readily available and visible.

6. Locate the closest pharmacy.

7. Give your roommate an overview about your type 1 diabetes.

8. Do what you can to put your parents at ease throughout the move-in process. They are going to be nervous.

The Off to College with Diabetes guide provides tips on everything from how to ask for accommodation for tests to how to create a communication plan between parents and students.

To receive the guide free of charge, click here: https://www.tfaforms.com/384379



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