A Day without My CGM: I Couldn’t Do It


I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t go a day—wait, let’s be real here—more than four hours without my continuous glucose monitor (CGM). Why? Okay, maybe because I’m nearly eight months pregnant and knowing each single number is critical to not only my health, but my child’s, but holy moly I’m addicted to that info.

I even spoke with my healthcare team about taking a three-day CGM break because I was just getting too much data. And with a few recent meter and CGM readings being too far apart for my liking, I thought, if I just went 24 hours without checking it all the time, I might feel a little better and less stressed? What number do I trust? The meter? The CGM? When should I calibrate?

The truth is though, although I can and still do prick my finger 1 and 2 hours post eating anything, and check my blood sugar 30 minutes before a meal, it’s “not enough.” I may sound like a data snob, especially for those who have gone without a CGM (I didn’t have one at all until after college either) but knowing the access is there, and that all it takes is a two-hour reset button on my phone, it’s a lot easier to have it than not.

My CGM has helped me to predict a lot of what can happen hours later or allow me to review data from the previous few days (thanks to the new software) and make changes on my own. We know blood sugars change rapidly, for whatever reason, and having this at my fingertips allows me to catch the numbers before they get out of the target range. I don’t know if I’d feel comfortable exercising, or going to bed without it now, regardless if it’s off, or a signal loss is present, the added comfort reduces the burden and increases the safety.

Over time, I’ve learned a lot about making the most of my CGM. From being on the road and talking with people at conferences and gathering your answers from Glu’s question of the day, there’s always something new to learn. So we’ve put together this handy downloadable one-pager of our favorite advice! Have you ever taken a CGM break? How did it go? Why did you do it?

Anna Floreen, GluAnna

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