A Glu Milestone Pushes T1D Exchange Research Forward

Here at T1D Exchange, we are pleased to announce our online patient community Glu has reached a milestone! The number of registered community users reached (and has already passed) 20,000!

20,000 individuals personally touched by type 1 diabetes makes a big difference in our work to improve outcomes and accelerate research. Here’s a glimpse of all you have helped accomplish:

This is a huge milestone for Glu, and you’ve helped us get here. Each day, together, we are making important strides towards better outcomes for our community.

We can’t continue our work without your support. As a 501c3 non-profit organization, we rely on contributions from people like you to help us continue to fight to improve outcomes. Please consider supporting T1D Exchange research with a donation today.

One way to give? Recognize your own type 1 diabetes milestone by donating a dollar for every year you’ve been living with type 1 (or another amount that is meaningful to you)!

From all of us here at T1D Exchange and Glu, THANK YOU!

-Amy Bevan/GluMom

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