A Type 1 Diabetes Mom Speaks Out on the Importance of Involvement

“It won’t happen unless we have people participate and get involved.”

Amy is the mother of a 22-year-old daughter who has lived with type 1 diabetes since age 10. She told us how early on, she was eager to enroll her daughter in research studies in the hope that it might lead to a cure for her child.


Later, she came to the conclusion that without a collaborative effort, we will never reach the milestones we need to in treating and even curing type 1 diabetes.

This goal is part of why we built the T1D Exchange Registry – a web-based research study  that surveys and engages people with type 1 diabetes. People living with type 1 diabetes, or their legal guardians, are able to share experiences and contribute their information to a growing data set.

The Registry aims to accelerate discovery and drug development, working alongside industry partners, academic partners, and internal research teams.

Be heard. Support the type 1 diabetes community. Help drive research that matters.

T1D Exchange invites you to join the T1D Exchange Registry. Please click here.

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