A Young Woman with Diabetes Relates the Changes She’s Seen in Her Lifetime

“They have so many more things now than when I first became diabetic.”

Kobi, a young woman living with type 1 diabetes in Florida, spoke with us at Friends for Life about her experiences with diabetes and the massive changes she’s seen in her lifetime. She cited, for example, the development of finger-stick free blood sugar monitoring, along with major improvements in the quality of commercially-available insulin. 

The research that relies on patients in clinical trials and contributing to registries has been instrumental in changing the lives of people with type 1 diabetes around the world.

Gathering data in support of these research efforts is a central function of the T1D Exchange Registry –  a web-based research study that surveys and engages people with type 1 diabetes. People living with type 1 diabetes, or their legal guardians, can share experiences and contribute information to a growing data set.

The Registry’s goals are accelerating discovery and drug development, working alongside industry partners, academic partners, and internal research teams.

Make your voice heard. Support the diabetes community. Help drive research that matters. T1D Exchange invites you to join the T1D Exchange Registry. Please click here.

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