Are You Not Getting a CGM Because Your Doctor Isn’t Prescribing It?


Together We’re One: Fighting for Choice and Competition in the Marketplace

When the type 1 community comes together, we’re louder, stronger, and more powerful. T1D Exchange is a unique nonprofit that combines our collective voices to demand better treatments and better care. This week, we are highlighting the various ways in which our community has made a difference…Together One.

T1D Exchange knows the burden people with type 1 diabetes face every hour of every day. We also know that despite our best efforts, the current tools and measures aren’t always effective at managing blood glucose levels or measuring patient or provider success.

We’re working to change that, by fighting for access and choice in the diabetes device marketplace. We are supporting access in choice in a variety of ways. Here are just a few examples.

T1D Exchange, JDRF, and the Helmsley Charitable Trust have created a joint collaboration to improve health outcomes and access for people with type 1 diabetes. This collaboration, called the Health Policy Initiative, seeks to understand why, despite evidence that using insulin pumps or CGMs can improve outcomes, many in the community do not use these devices. T1D Exchange is conducting a nationally-focused research study to understand:

  • barriers that healthcare professionals face in prescribing devices
  • reasons why patients are not using these devices.

Our goals are to not only help people get better access to today’s pumps and CGMs, but also pave the path for adoption of tomorrow’s technologies, including closed loop systems.

Beyond A1C—how else can we measure outcomes?

As part of this joint collaboration, T1D Exchange is also evaluating outcomes beyond A1c that are meaningful to both patient and clinician (such as hypoglycemia, time in range and patient satisfaction). Our aim is to expand outcome measures to not only help improve the clinical care you receive, but also help better evaluate and compare potential therapies. We hope this effort may one day help new treatments get approved more quickly—and support why they should be covered through public/private insurance.

T1D Exchange is working to close the loop!

T1D Exchange is also committed to the development of Automated Insulin Delivery (AID) technology (sometimes called “artificial pancreas”). We have created a multi-million investment fund, known as the AID Initiative. We want to see a wide spectrum of device manufacturers bringing AID to market, giving people with type 1 diabetes choice in how to achieve better control (and reducing the daily burden) using AID technology. The first investment was made at the end of 2016 in Bigfoot Biomedical, and we will soon announce others who have received funding as a result of this initiative.

Our work, and the work of other nonprofits, can have a dramatic effect on breakthrough technologies and therapies for people with diabetes. But only with your contributions—information and data our T1D participants have provided across all our T1D Exchange programs, research and studies, as well as your financial support.

As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, we rely on contributions from people like you to help us continue to accelerate new treatments and improve care. Please consider supporting T1D Exchange research with a donation today.

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