At Long Last…the New myGlu Mobile App is Here!



It’s here!

After months of hard work, we are excited to announce our mobile app is now available for iOS (Apple) products.

Now you can answer Question of the Day, browse articles, scroll through the feed and participate in surveys right from your iPhone, iPod or iPad!

Why a myGlu app is an important part of Glu

The myGlu app is part of the Glu community platform – a foundation for the patient-centered research we drive at T1D Exchange. What is patient-centered research? It’s our opportunity (those touched by type 1) to inform and influence care, treatments and solutions that improve our lives; not just our disease.

When you answer a Question of the Day, take a survey, or complete your profile, you are helping inform research that can improve our lives. Want to learn more?

Rest assured, the myGlu app won’t replace the website ( It’s just another way to connect and engage with others in the type 1 world – and contribute your voice to research.

A note to Android users

Android users, don’t despair…we hope to offer a second app for your devices in the future. We had to start somewhere, and our analytics and research showed a greater preference for the iOS platform.

We are so grateful to our funders who provided a grant to make the app happen for our community. And always, we are so grateful to you, our community, for making Glu a helpful, supportive community—and one that drives important research that improves our lives.

Download the App!

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Or if you would like to provide some feedback, you can always reach the team at

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