Bionic Bill Day 1: Falling In Love


Do you remember the first time your eyes met the love of your life?  I do. Your eyes met, you looked away and blushed, looked again in hopes they were looking back at you. That’s the moment when the magic happened. Well, the same love story can be told for the Bionic Pancreas. Yesterday was that first look. The Bionic Pancreas looked back (think) and now we’re getting to know each other a little bit better. Let’s start with me and my new sugar baby’s first dinner date.

Hooked up

I was connected at about 6pm to the Bionic Pancreas with a blood sugar of about 170 mg/dl, which stayed pretty steady until I ate dinner at 8pm. Here is a picture of my food, with a margarita as my beverage of choice!


Our first dinner date went okay. We were still at that awkward stage and trying to get to know one another. My Bionic Pancreas seemed interested in what I was eating and how my blood sugar was but made no real adjustments or change. It’s a deep thinker, or so I am told. It’s taking in a tremendous amount of data and will make adjustments when it feels confident.  So being tolerant of this learning curve is something I need to work on. Patience in any relationship is a key to success!

My blood sugar post dinner and drinks was 300 mg/dl. As some of my dating friends do, I stayed within the 2 drink limit on our first date. My blood sugars rose to a high of 315 and I found myself wondering what adjustments it would make. I wasn’t frustrated with my highs this time, I was more curious about the future changes. I had confidence in the Bionic Pancreas that I would be in a better glucose state later that night.


The next thing I did broke the cardinal rule of first dates … we spent the night together. I know what you are thinking, “It’s too soon Bill”, but I was “forced” into it. Our night in bed didn’t go without supervision. I had a nurse in the hotel room right next to me, watching the Bionic Pancreas’s every Glucagon and insulin move. Also, to add awkwardness to our cuddly night together, I was hooked up to an IV for added glucose monitoring. So there went the romantic setting I was hoping for! Below is a picture of the GlucoScout I was attached to the entire night.


I asked in the beginning. Do you remember when you fell in love? For me it took only one night. Oh the joy, I thought, when I awoke at 6:30am to a 85mg/dl. But before you think day 2 of this love story was a connection made by I should let you know that we had a little misunderstanding when 9am rolled around.


Make sure to stay tuned tomorrow and see how it’s going.  Please feel free to ask questions, make comments about the Bionic Pancreas and how I am doing.  I’m looking at all your comments and thank you for all you suggestions so far and all the kind wishes.

Check out day 2!

By Bill Woods – GluBill

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