Bionic Bill Day 2 – Playing Hard to Get

Blind dates are tough, especially when they are with the Bionic Pancreas. So was this a match made in heaven?  In my day 1 article I talked about patience and that, my friends, was the key takeaway from day 2.

First, let’s set some expectations. The Bionic Pancreas needs to get to know me.  Yesterday was our first full day together. All the adjustments, or lack of adjustments (specifically for meals), were not based on any prior information. The Bionic Pancreas is making 288 decisions a day, every 5 minutes for 24 hours, but think about it, there really isn’t a lot of prior data to compute.  So the adjustments aren’t going to be perfect today. However, with this said, the other participant in the study is having much better glucose trends then me.

When I woke up yesterday morning I checked my Bionic Pancreas and I was 85mg/dl at about 6:30am. I received a dose of Glucagon around that time as well. By the time 9 o’clock rolled around, I was at work and ready to eat a sausage egg and cheese but my BG was already up to 202 mg/dl. That rising trend would not stop. It would reach a peak at 11am of 353!


I knew I would have some high blood sugars, but I didn’t think it would be this high or for this long. To add to my frustration, I was having symptoms of hyperglycemia, specifically a sharp headache which lasted 5 hours, sweating, and feeling like my body was stuck in a tub of honey.  What was the hardest part? NOT being able to treat! I suffered through these high symptoms significantly longer than I would normally. Not a great 9am-3pm day to say the least in regards to BGs. My average for that time frame was around 253mg/dl. One thing you will notice in the picture below is the “soft landing” my blood sugar took. Slow to rise, slow to fall. There isn’t a drastic spike or a drastic recovery.


This is a study. I feel privileged to be providing my body and BG data to advance diabetes technology. This isn’t perfect by any means. I feel almost guilty posting some of my glucose numbers because they aren’t exactly in range. But this is real life. I’m not going to eat low carb for the sake of getting good numbers. That would be silly. I can do that when I am not on the Bionic Pancreas. I want to see how well it works, so that is what I am doing. I’m putting it to the test.

At about 3pm I started to get in range again. At about 5pm I was 83mg/dl and received my first dose of Glucagon.  I was actually excited to receive my first dose. After seeing how well the Glucagon preformed in some of the past Bionic Pancreas participants this was the part of the device I was looking forward to the most.

in range

Watch the video below explaining my first night and day on the Bionic Pancreas. I show in the video how the Bionic Pancreas makes meal decisions and how user input can help with better glucose control on the trial.

Check out day 3!

By Bill Woods – GluBill

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