Bionic Bill Day 3: Our Bionic Bash Date Night

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I really love sleeping with the Bionic Pancreas. Actually, let me rephrase that; I love waking up with my blood sugars in range thanks to the Bionic Pancreas. It does an amazing job overnight and into the morning, while I sleep, regulating my blood sugar levels. I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom for the sake of actually having to use the bathroom! That might be too much information, but I often wake up during the night because of high blood sugars and low blood sugars. It was very weird to just wake up from nothing more than the call of nature.

One thing I’ve noticed about my blood glucose numbers is that they have a slow to rise, slow to fall trend, not the drastic up and down swings I’m used to. With the Bionic Pancreas my BG patterns are more like medium size hills and valleys. These new trends also have a positive impact on how I feel. It makes me worry less.  I’ll put it this way, if you are at the top of Mount Everest looking down it’s scary and you can’t see the bottom. That’s how I feel sometimes with my normal blood sugars swings. But on the Bionic Pancreas I am looking down a small hill with a safety net of Glucagon at the bottom. I can’t tell you how confident this makes you feel. I feel like I can accomplish more in my everyday life with this mental relief.


Now I must apologize to the Bionic Pancreas; I didn’t play nice for lunch. I really put this baby to the test by eating a carb loaded hamburger with egg, cheese, and bacon. To top off this monster meal, I had a large side of truffle fries. My friends, I couldn’t even tell you how many carbs this meal had. Maybe 150! I headed into this diabetes disaster meal with a blood glucose of 121mg/dl.


Day 3 was a big day for me and the Bionic Pancreas. We decided to invite 100 close friends to share in our “date”. We held an event,  the Bionic Bash, at the Glu offices in Boston. This was a great opportunity to show off the device to as many diabetes community members as we could. We had a panel discussion with the team from Boston University and Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Ed Damiano and Dr. Steven Russell, the principal investigators of the Beacon Hill Study, were among those who spoke on the discussion panel, alongside me and Dr. Mick Davidson, who are the active study participants.

We will do an overview of the Bionic Bash covering the panel questions and answers in a later article so stay tuned. In the meantime here is a great picture of some of the past study participants that met up at the Glu offices. Each one of these individuals wore the Bionic Pancreas and contributed to advancing therapies for type one diabetes. I feel honored to be a part of such a life changing study and such great company.


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By Bill Woods – GluBill


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