Boy Braves Busy Highway to Seek Help for Unconscious Dad with Diabetes

-Craig Idlebrook

A young boy was found riding his bike on a busy highway in an attempt to seek help for his father, who he found unconscious due to diabetes distress, according to a report from WSPA in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

According to the news report, the seven-year-old boy, Cameron Simoncic, came home from school to find his father unconscious in the kitchen. In the newscast, Cameron explained to a reporter that his father had diabetes and has “episodes” when “his brain can’t function.”

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Cameron attempted to unlock his father’s phone to call for help, and when that failed, he attempted to ride his bike on a highway to seek help from his grandparents. A local teacher spotted the boy on the highway and asked if he needed help. When told of what happened, she called for medical help and brought the boy home to be there when help arrived.

Unfortunately, as with many news reports, this one is short on details when it comes to diabetes. For example, we are left to assume the father was experiencing hypoglycemia, but the news report doesn’t provide that information. Also, the report says that paramedics provided the father with an injection, but again we have to assume it was glucagon since the report doesn’t say. Then, confusingly, the report says the paramedics used crackers the teacher had along to “revive” the man – one would assume the glucagon would have been more likely to have done this if he were unconscious. Perhaps most importantly, we don’t learn of how the father is faring after the incident.  

So while the newscast told a compelling, dramatic story, it failed to provide facts to help people with diabetes who are experiencing hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.

The lead image for this article is a stock image and not of the boy riding his bike during this incident. 

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