Presidential Candidate Includes Insulin Pricing in Kickoff Speech

See. what Senator Amy Klobuchar had to say.


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An open letter to parents, from a former teen with type 1 diabetes.  As an adult who works closely with parents and peers, “when did you become independent with your diabetes?” and “when did you start really caring about your diabetes?” are questions I’m asked fairly often. If your child was diagnosed before or during […]

Another survey of Glu users also found that 74 percent of respondents lose sleep several times a week because of device alarms. -Danielle Gianferante/GluDanielle It’s been well documented that poor sleep quality affects overall health in a negative way. But what if you must wake up at night, in order to manage an existing disease? […]

I have been involved in the fight for better diabetes solutions for almost two decades. Never have I seen more promise in therapies and devices than I do right now. But innovation and improvements don’t happen overnight — and they don’t happen without you, our community of people touched by type 1 diabetes. In fact, […]


Filling out your profile on Glu is important for many reasons: when you do so, it helps us better understand the community, and what research projects might be the most relevant and interesting to you. Some information from the profile is available to view on our community stats page. Looking at this page, I recently […]


My Uber pulls up to the large, modern building complex and I pause before opening the door. I’ve been invited to Dexcom, the company that makes a little device that has changed the lives of so many living with type 1. In only a few years, this company has grown from one building to four, […]

How People with T1D Drink

See what some 850 people with type 1 diabetes said about their drinking habits, as well as strategies for managing BG levels when imbibing.  We hear it a lot on Glu and when we’re out at events – drinking alcohol is yet another challenge of life with type 1 diabetes (for those 21 and older, […]


Today’s announcement that the FDA has approved the first automated closed loop insulin delivery system has us jumping for joy in the Glu offices! At first, I didn’t know whether or not to believe it. But as news spread across email, social media and the cubicles around me, I realized something big had happened. We […]

Doctor Taking Senior Female Patient's Blood Pressure

Your Diabetes may vary – this is a phrase that has been etched into my day-to-day routine as well as any diabetes advice I can recall in the last 3+ years living type 1 diabetes (T1D). It rings true in many ways, as everyone has different devices, therapies, ratios used for dosing insulin — the […]

Hi everyone! I’m the newest member of the T1D Exchange team working on an exciting pilot project that aims to improve care in clinic for people with type 1 diabetes. I’m so excited to join this great organization and work with so many leaders in research, as well as highly respected Endocrinologists. I started here […]

Italian Pizza

A clinician gives his best advice, and we hear about what others with type 1 say works for them.  Has there ever been a food more beloved and yet more challenging for people with type 1 diabetes? Something about that high carb/high fat mix makes pizza both incredibly delicious and incredibly difficult to control blood […]