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  1. Did you Know? An Overview of Gastroparesis

    One of the most insightful aspects of question of the day is getting your questions as responses appear. Because so many of you have weighed in on gastroparesis, our research team went straight to work to give you an overview of this common but not-often-discussed condition. What is Gastroparesis? Gastroparesis occurs when there is a delayed emptying […]

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  2. Trying to Convince Your Child to Care About Their Diabetes? Don’t Bother.


    An Open Letter to Parents, from Someone Who’s Been There As an adult who works closely with parents and peers, “when did you become independent with your diabetes?” and “when did you start really caring about your diabetes?” are questions I’m asked fairly often. If your child was diagnosed before or during adolescence, managing and […]

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  3. Innovation in Diabetes: Seeing Life through a Global Lens

    Colorful painted buildings of Favela in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

      The 7.0 earthquake that rocked Haiti in 2010. A Category 5 hurricane that hit the Atlantic island nations this past September. The constant and unrelenting attacks on the war-torn neighborhoods of Aleppo. When news like this travels across the globe, we watch in horror as innocent people suffer the unthinkable. We struggle to understand […]

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  1. You Told Glu: Diabetes Devices A Double-edged Sword Overnight


    It’s been well documented that poor sleep quality affects overall health in a negative way. But what if you must wake up at night, in order to manage an existing disease? This is certainly the case with type 1 diabetes (T1D), where people get up at night to correct blood glucose (BG) and/or in response […]

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  2. And The Winners Are…


    T1D Exchange announces the winners of the 2016 Diabetes Innovation Challenge The Diabetes Innovation Challenge 2016 is now in the books, as the Finals competition was held Thursday evening in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This competition was a first-ever, open, worldwide challenge to identify and accelerate transformational advancements in diabetes research and care. T1D Exchange and M2D2 […]

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  3. Project Alcohol: How to Drink and Stay Safe with Type 1 Diabetes

    Group of friends around pub table, toasting drinks, smiling, side view

    We hear it a lot on Glu and when we’re out at events – drinking alcohol is yet another challenge of life with type 1 diabetes (for those 21 and older, of course). We recently spoke with Jane Dickinson, a CDE and a Program Coordinate and Adjunct Associate Professor at Teachers College at Columbia University. […]

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  4. You Told Glu: It’s Not Always Easy to Eat Well


    There are many challenges revolving around nutrition, whether you are living with or caring for someone with T1D. Counting carbs, cooking meals, and addressing other food issues (such as Celiac disease) can be tricky and increase the burden of managing blood glucose. Deciding to follow specific diets are very much personal choices; however, personal choice […]

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  5. Sleep, Devices and Type 1 Diabetes: A Glu Research Project


    At Glu and the T1D Exchange, we’ve been focusing on better understanding daily life with type 1 diabetes. We recently published articles on the complicated topic of eating pizza and managing blood glucose, and will be publishing the results of our latest Project Alcohol over the next couple of days. Our next topic? Night life! […]

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  6. Living with a Dual Diagnosis of Celiac and Type 1

    Yellow paper with the words Danger gluten on buns. Celiac Disease concept. Close up.

    In part two of our series on type 1 diabetes (T1D) and celiac disease (CD), we interviewed Stacey Cunnington, a college student who as diagnosed with T1D in 2011 and then diagnosed with CD just a couple of months later. We wanted to know how she deals with both diseases on a daily basis and […]

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