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We’re partnering with our friends at Tidepool to study how daily highs and lows might affect the health and well-being of people with type 1 diabetes.


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The patch-pump system will work with a Dexcom CGM. It represents just the second closed-loop pump system to make it to market.

Medtronic sent notice to customers who use the MiniMed Revel and the MiniMel 530G in September.

The pump maker has announced a collaboration with Samsung to bring this idea to market.

Tandem and Medtronic both expect to roll out the pump systems in the last quarter of 2018.

The factory-calibrated device eliminates the need for fingersticks for calibration and blood sugar management decisions, while its app allows for remote monitoring of CGM readings.

A personal story of detaching from diabetes devices by the T1D Exchange’s Director of Quality Care and Clinical Innovation.

One Drop announced its latest Bluetooth blood glucose monitor will transmit readings directly to most Apple Watches, and two other features that may help the diabetes community.

A diabetes tech company in India wants to create a low-cost automated pump system that uses electric pulses to open up skin pores wide enough to absorb insulin.

The move now gives Medtronic pump users an alternative to Medtronic’s CareLink data platform.

Eversense CGM users will be able to track their glucose trends using Glooko’s platform.