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Without question, one of the most anticipated devices in the diabetes world is an artificial pancreas. Bill and Anna’s day-to-day reporting on their experience with the bionic pancreas trial is still widely read on Glu. Still, it’s one project of many being developed around the world. Some are a dual-hormone system of insulin and glucagon, […]

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I had the great opportunity to speak with John Costik, one of the many dedicated contributors, to CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) in the Cloud. To explain what CGM in the Cloud is in one sentence is impossible to capture. From the mechanical and program side, their Facebook page explains that it’s “an open source solution […]

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This summer, trials for the bionic pancreas continued at the Clara Barton Camp in North Oxford, Massachusetts. I went for a visit, and had the opportunity to meet with two moms and their daughters about their experience. Having both attended Barton as a camper, and then counselor the sights of the pond and familiar smells […]

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A man with type 1 diabetes describes how he became only a part-time insulin pump user, and how it allowed him the freedom to enjoy his active lifestyle.

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By Alexander J. Wolf, Nancy Liu, and Adam Brown, Click here to view the original article on diaTribe.  Twitter summary: Lots of updates in #t1d at #2014AD–an evolving artificial pancreas, more efforts at finding a cure, & the first position statement ever. Short summary: In June, we attended the 74th annual Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association, the largest […]

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When I heard that Glu was having an event in NYC, I knew I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to attend. The event was to discuss and inform fellow T1Ds and healthcare providers about Tandem Diabetes Care’s t:slim® Insulin Pump as well as educate people more on what Glu is as part of T1D […]

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My son, David, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in March 2013. In full-blown DKA, we spent several days in the hospital recovering and learning as much as we could about diabetes—something about which my wife and I knew absolutely nothing. After this very brief introduction, our pediatric endocrinologist told us that while for most […]

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Have you heard of Human Factors research? As a practice in the development of medical devices, it’s become increasingly important, and plays a significant role in FDA’s assessment of new products. It combines a variety of disciplines to optimize a person’s experience in using devices and equipment. At our annual meeting in May, Noel Schaeffer, […]

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It’s been great to see all the recent press about the bionic pancreas since the ADA’s 74th Scientific Sessions a couple of weeks ago. As many of you have seen here on Glu, it’s one of our favorite topics! In March, I had the great opportunity to speak about being part of the Beacon Hill […]


We recently had an opportunity to interview Howard Look, CEO of Tidepool, an innovative, open source approach to managing data from diabetes devices. Both Howard Look and Tidepool’s co-founder and CTO, Steve McCanne, have daughters with type 1 diabetes, and are pursuing a groundbreaking vision that will offer a range of benefits for people with […]