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Diabeloop announces it will soon sell the DBLG1 insulin pump system in several European countries. It also hopes to soon offer its pump system to children.

Linh Le, founder of Bonbouton, discusses how he created a smart insole to detect foot injury in people with diabetes.

In the study of 294 children, there was little difference in blood sugar management results between the two groups a year after initial diagnosis.

Medtronic entered into a unique partnership with a Minnesota insurer that tracks how well its Guardian CGM helps people stay in optimal blood sugar range. Medtronic also wants to provide incentives to motivate people with diabetes covered by the plan to stay in range.

It’s not going to be easy to bring a noninvasive monitor to market. Here are five takeaways from a recent Nature Biotechnology feature on the glucose monitoring landscape.

The goal is to gather data to prove the safety and effectiveness of the algorithm, which Tidepool hopes to bring before the FDA for approval.

A father’s desire to keep his daughter safe at school leads to an algorithm to predict blood glucose trends for those who use multiple daily injections.

Forced exit from the closed-loop pump system’s basal delivery automode was the most common reason given, according Boston Children’s Hospital endocrinologist Dr. Gregory Goodwin.

The designation will allow for expedited development of the pump system as the South Korean company prepares to submit it for FDA approval.

Glooko also recently announced a partnership to integrate with Novo Nordisk’s soon-to-be-released smart insulin pens.