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One Drop announced its latest Bluetooth blood glucose monitor will transmit readings directly to most Apple Watches, and two other features that may help the diabetes community.

A diabetes tech company in India wants to create a low-cost automated pump system that uses electric pulses to open up skin pores wide enough to absorb insulin.

The move now gives Medtronic pump users an alternative to Medtronic’s CareLink data platform.

Eversense CGM users will be able to track their glucose trends using Glooko’s platform.

Medtronic also shares data showing the app helped people with diabetes keep their glucose levels in range for longer in the day.

The pump and CGM system, which automates basal insulin rates and pauses insulin delivery to prevent lows, previously was only available for ages 14 and up.

The new pump system will not require fingersticks for calibration and will be available for children with type 1 diabetes as young as 6 years of age.

The DreaMed Advisor Pro will help healthcare providers make recommendations for changes in insulin pump therapy, and it will be integrated into Glooko software.

A new ruling will soon allow Medicare recipients to connect the Dexcom G5 with smart devices and to share readings….sort of the way Dexcom had intended all along.

Insulet updates its popular tubeless Pod pump system with a makeover of its PDM. Insulet expects the new system to roll out soon.