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The t:slim X2 is the first pump given the label of alternative controller-enabled (ACE) pump by the FDA.

Dexcom announces an update to its app for its G6 continuous glucose monitor that brings five new features for the Apple iOS platform, including the ability to ask Siri for blood glucose readings.

Admetsys CEO Jeff Valk believes his company’s proposed insulin and glucagon automated glucose control system could improve care for people with diabetes in critical care units.

After scoring second place at the 2016 T1D Exchange Diabetes Innovation Challenge, Admetsys is working towards FDA approval for an artificial pancreas for use in hospital and surgical settings.

The Eversense CGM available on the U.S. market has a sensor that is only approved for 90 days of use. An 180-day sensor is already available in Europe.

The company says it will integrate Lilly’s insulin products into the automated insulin delivery pump system it hopes to bring to market by 2020.

Press Release - Charitable Trust and JDRF will create FDA-regulated app in app store, advance interoperability.

The patch-pump system will work with a Dexcom CGM. It represents just the second closed-loop pump system to make it to market.

Medtronic sent notice to customers who use the MiniMed Revel and the MiniMel 530G in September.

The pump maker has announced a collaboration with Samsung to bring this idea to market.