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  1. You Told Glu: Retinopathy One of the Most Feared Complications

    Despite the daily burden of management in type 1 diabetes, many people worry about complications. In fact, in a Glu Question of the Day, out of 563 responders, nearly half (44%) reported that they think about complications always or frequently. One of the most feared complications can be the threat of losing your vision. What […]

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  1. You Told Glu! Retinopathy in the Glu Community

      Good News! In a Question of the Day, an overwhelming majority (81% of 477) Glu participants indicated that they have been screened for diabetic retinopathy at some point in the past. However, it is important to get screened regularly!   Getting Screened Out of 537 people polled in the Glu community, 33% (175) reported […]

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  1. Paving the Road to Automated Insulin Delivery: The Important Role of Nonprofits

    Glu T1D Exchange diabetes insulin

    Over the past decade the type 1 diabetes community has been working together to develop and deliver new solutions that will improve outcomes with type 1 diabetes—while relieving the burden. When it comes to automated insulin delivery (AID), our community has invested a lot – hundreds of millions of dollars, years of research, innovation and […]

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  2. Parenting with T1D and not getting enough ZZZZZs? You’re not alone.

    Tired businesswoman in the office

      Getting quality sleep with T1D is a big issue. In fact, nighttime T1D care was identified in a T1D Exchange study as the ‘most challenging physical task’ in T1D management. Dr. Sarah Jaser, a pediatric psychologist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center who conducts behavioral research to promote the best outcomes in children with diabetes […]

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  3. What We Learn about Insulin from Glu


    Insulin—our lifeline, but how do we talk about the role it has in our type 1 lives in just an hour? That topic is so vague! How on earth can you dedicate just one meeting to talking about insulin? Early in 2015 we here in Boston provided a program on insulin that was funded by […]

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  4. Did you Know? An Overview of Gastroparesis

    One of the most insightful aspects of question of the day is getting your questions as responses appear. Because so many of you have weighed in on gastroparesis, our research team went straight to work to give you an overview of this common but not-often-discussed condition. What is Gastroparesis? Gastroparesis occurs when there is a delayed emptying […]

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  5. You Told Glu: More Than 1/3 of T1Ds Diagnosed in Adulthood


    Filling out your profile on Glu is important for many reasons: when you do so, it helps us better understand the community, and what research projects might be the most relevant and interesting to you. Some information from the profile is available to view on our community stats page. Looking at this page, I recently […]

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  6. Sleep, Devices and Type 1 Diabetes: A Glu Research Project


    At Glu and the T1D Exchange, we’ve been focusing on better understanding daily life with type 1 diabetes. We recently published articles on the complicated topic of eating pizza and managing blood glucose, and will be publishing the results of our latest Project Alcohol over the next couple of days. Our next topic? Night life! […]

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