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Registry finding 1B

In our previous post about the findings from the T1D Exchange Clinic Registry, we shared results about A1c averages and incidents of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). In the second half of this series, the findings offer insight into CGM use and how A1c numbers are controlled through insulin pump use, blood glucose monitoring, and blousing before […]

Registry finding 1A

Did you know the T1D Exchange Clinic Registry offers a searchable database on Glu? You can now choose from 28 different fields to discover how you compare with more than 26,000 other people with type 1 diabetes. The T1D Exchange Clinic Registry bolsters research and development projects and programs in type 1 diabetes by helping […]

Glucagon-Infographic-v1 0GLU

As part of our year in review, we’re sharing some results from studies that have been done. Glu was used to query patients about injectable glucagon, as part of a study sponsored by an emerging biotech partner interested in improving usability of injectable glucagon through alternative modes of administration. In only ten days data were […]


I am on my second to my last day of the Beacon Hill Study of the Bionic Pancreas. It’s bittersweet already. I’ve become pretty fond of this device as it learns my eating patterns and overall insulin and Glucagon needs. The small doses of Glucagon are extremely helpful to keep me in “steady range”. I […]

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I really love sleeping with the Bionic Pancreas. Actually, let me rephrase that; I love waking up with my blood sugars in range thanks to the Bionic Pancreas. It does an amazing job overnight and into the morning, while I sleep, regulating my blood sugar levels. I woke up in the middle of the night […]


Blind dates are tough, especially when they are with the Bionic Pancreas. So was this a match made in heaven?  In my day 1 article I talked about patience and that, my friends, was the key takeaway from day 2. First, let’s set some expectations. The Bionic Pancreas needs to get to know me.  Yesterday […]


Do you remember the first time your eyes met the love of your life?  I do. Your eyes met, you looked away and blushed, looked again in hopes they were looking back at you. That’s the moment when the magic happened. Well, the same love story can be told for the Bionic Pancreas. Yesterday was […]

Community Results

Alcohol and diabetes is such an important topic but, from the results of our question of the day, a large percentage of you that responded reported that you haven’t had this discussion with your doctor. 49% of responders who drank alcohol said they haven’t talked with their doctor about it. I’m among the group who has […]

Community Insights: Sensors

Community Results

On average how long do you wear a sensor? I’ve heard stories of people wearing sensors for over 21 days. At the AADE 2013 in Philadelphia, I learned of a study were someone wore a sensor for 81 days!  The recommended length of time sensors should be worn, based on your device, is between 3-7 […]

Community Results

During the months of June and July, we conducted our very first Glu Research study to learn more about the relationship between duration of infusion set use and blood glucose (BG) levels. For our infusion set study, a total of 325 insulin pump users enrolled, of which 222 (68%) completed all 14-days of data collection. […]