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During the months of June and July, we conducted our very first Glu Research study to learn more about the relationship between duration of infusion set use and blood glucose (BG) levels. For our infusion set study, a total of 325 insulin pump users enrolled, of which 222 (68%) completed all 14-days of data collection. […]

Community Results

We asked if you ever felt discriminated against because of your diabetes. Were you surprised 45.6% of those that responded said yes? Sadly, that is a large percentage, but honestly I was not surprised on the outcome. I was among those that has responded to this question with a yes. Having lived with T1D for […]


This past April, the theme on Glu was “Diabetes at Work.” In addition to featuring articles such as “Balancing Work and Health” and “Diabetes Interview Tips,” we used our question of the day (QOTD) to have the Glu community weigh in on some work-related questions. Take a look at our infographic below to find out […]

Community Results

Recovering from a low, otherwise known as a “low hangover,” is often a fuzzy blur for me when it occurs.  As a person who has been living with type 1 for over 25 years, I have definitely had my fair share of these episodes.  While it generally takes me approximately 30 minutes to recover from […]

Camp Questionnaire Recap


Recently, we offered a questionnaire on Glu to learn more about our members’ experiences with diabetes camps and, as a former camper myself, I was fascinated by the results. During the summer of 1993, I attended my first diabetes camp at Clara Barton in Massachusetts. I enjoyed my experience so much that in the following […]

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During the month of April we asked you how you manage your diabetes in the workplace. Take a look at our findings based off of YOUR answers. What do you think the data are saying? Are these the results you expected to see? Sound off and let the community know what you think!     […]

Glu Results

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Curious what other Glu members think about continuous glucose monitors (CGMs)? Over the past few months we’ve used our Question of the Day to learn more about our community’s experiences and opinions on CGMs. We ended up with some interesting findings that we would like to share back with you. Included in the graphs below […]


Recently, I participated in an inpatient study at Massachusetts General Hospital. I found out about this study while screening for the infamous Bionic Pancreas study. The focus was on controlling blood sugars while being admitted to the hospital. If any of you, or your loved ones with diabetes, have ever been admitted to the hospital […]



Tuesday, May 28 So today my blood sugar is 338 with a straight arrow across. I haven’t been this high in months. I forget how gross and disgusting I feel; I am tired, unable to eat my lunch, let alone fathom the thought of putting anything other than ice cold water in to my mouth, […]

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We present to you the results from the first study that we conducted on Glu, which was focused on hypoglycemia. Thanks to everyone who participated! Our goal is to share the research results with the community, which we hope will spark a conversation, and allow researchers and the type 1 community to learn, engage in […]