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  1. As Frustrations Mount, T1D Exchange Tackles Problems in Diabetes Care

    diabetes clinic wait times

    It is clear that many people living with or loving someone with type 1 diabetes (T1D) are frustrated — not only with the challenges of managing their diabetes day-to-day, but also with insurance coverage and costs, access to high quality medical care and compassionate support by their care team. In 2014, the American Diabetes Association […]

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  1. T1D Exchange Data Shows Patients Want Choice in Devices and Therapies

    hand holding an insuline pump

      The recent news that UnitedHealthcare has chosen Medtronic as its preferred insulin pump provider has elicited a strong reaction from type 1 diabetes stakeholders, including patients, advocates, businesses and organizations. We applaud these efforts to collectively demonstrate how this business decision will impact diabetes patients and the overall health care system, and offer our […]

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  2. Nancy Jones and Dana Ball: T1D Champions for Us All


    Dana Ball to be awarded the Nancy Jones Diabetes Champion Award Nancy Jones raised a T1D son before the world of social media—a time when it wasn’t easy to find and connect with other parents of children with T1D. But that didn’t stop Nancy. She found other mothers, connected with them, and built a social […]

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  1. Everybody Has Something

    Caroline Carter

      Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working with Caroline Carter, a local teen in my community living with type 1 diabetes, to share her story on Glu.  Caroline caught my attention because unlike so many kids her age living with diabetes and hiding it from her peers, Caroline is different. As […]

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  2. T1D Exchange Principals Participate in Third International Conference on Progress of Regenerative Medicine and Its Cultural Impact


    Our executive director and co-founder of T1D Exchange, Dana Ball, our chief medical officer Henry Anhalt and our member and alliance manager (and ten-time Olympic Medalist) Gary Hall, Jr. have been chosen among only 300 others to attend and speak at the 2016 Cellular Horizons Conference. The Stem for Life Foundation, STOQ and the Vatican’s […]

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  3. The Diabetes Days of Her Life: Gloria Loring on T1D Support and Activism

    Gloria Loring and sons

      Gloria Loring is a long-time advocate for the type 1 diabetes community, turning adversity into action by first using her platform as a television actor on the soap opera Days of our Lives to raise money for JDRF in the early 1980s through a celebrity cookbook. Seven books and various Congressional hearings and JDRF […]

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  4. Medical Journal Finds Medicare’s Competitive Bidding Program Harming Beneficiaries

    Testing Supplies Lancet Strips-1783 BW

      In January 2011, the Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services (CMS) launched its competitive bidding program in nine “test” markets. The intent of the program is to save money on healthcare equipment and supplies, including diabetes testing supplies, provided by mail-order distributors. Although CMS continues to report that the program has reduced costs and […]

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  5. Four Tips for Managing Your Diabetes in a Hospital Setting

    hospital doctors surgery corridor

    As a person living with diabetes, the thought of needing medical attention and going to the hospital can be scary and cause a lot of anxiety. Whether it be a trip to the Emergency Room or a scheduled procedure, being prepared can help to ease some of the stress. The fact is, you will probably […]

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  6. Diabetes is Big. Government is Big. Our Voices Need to Be Big.

    Street signs near United States Capitol building, Washington, DC

    Glu has partnered with Bennet and Christel Marchand Aprigliano, the co-founders of the Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition (DPAC), to present a series of advocacy articles. This series looks at issues in diabetes management and public policy, and provides ways for the Glu community to get involved. This is the second piece in the series. The […]

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