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JDRF and Beyond Type 1 Announce Alliance

JDRF and Beyond Type 1 Announce Alliance

The two largest advocacy organizations for people with type 1 diabetes will work closely together to amplify each other’s work and reduce overlap in their dual missions.

The Beyond Type Run team will race through the five boroughs of New York City on November 3, 2019 to inspire those impacted by the chronic, autoimmune disease around the globe.

In her speech, the senator strikes a chord that will sound familiar to #insulin4all activists.

A T1D research analyst attends festivities to mark Rare Disease Day and thinks about how much these patient populations have in common with the T1D community. February 28th is Rare Disease Day. To mark the day, I and a colleague from T1D Exchange took the short walk from the Exchange’s office over to the UMass […]

A noted certified diabetes educator describes why we need to move toward language that celebrates the strengths of people with diabetes instead of their weaknesses. Language can create hope or take it away. When someone calls you or child “non-compliant” or writes “uncontrolled” on your chart, it may have a real impact on your well-being. […]

Brandon Morrow signs with the Chicago Cubs after appearing in the World Series with the Los Angeles Dodgers. -Craig Idlebrook   The Chicago Cubs just made a very large financial bet on the continued health of a 33-year-old pitcher with type 1 diabetes, as they announced this month that they had signed Brandon Morrow to […]

  T1D Exchange reached out to Dr. Mark Atkinson and Carol Atkinson, who have been working around the clock to get insulin and supplies to people affected by the hurricanes. Carol Atkinson, Director at Insulin for Life USA, speaks with T1D Exchange’s Dr. Alicia McAuliffe-Fogarty about the current needs of Insulin for Life to help […]

Dear Glu Community, We are deeply saddened by the aftermath of the recent hurricanes. We wanted to make sure that you know where to donate supplies or access them if you or a loved one are in need. Below, we have compiled a list of resources. To donate supplies: To donate insulin click here (Insulin for […]

Background: Medicare was virtually the last large insurer not to cover CGM The type 1 diabetes community achieved a long sought and hard fought victory on January 12, 2017, when the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that it would cover Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM). This came after a decision from the Food […]

Laughter in the lunch line. Running in the halls. Hugs all around. This is the essence of Friends for Life, the annual family-centric conference hosted by Children with Diabetes (CWD) every summer in Orlando, Florida. One cannot attend Friends for Life without feeling the powerful embrace of others who live just like you. The colored […]