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The Insulin Pricing Crisis Becomes a Plotline on Designated Survivor

An episode of the fictional political drama even includes a real-life interview with Nicole Smith-Holt, the mother of a young man who died from diabetic ketoacidosis after rationing insulin because of price.

A survey of T1D Exchange Clinic Registry participants found that some teens may be materially less likely than their younger peers to handle blood sugar emergencies. The findings were presented at the ADA 79th Scientific Sessions in San Francisco.

T1D Exchange Clinic Registry Data Used in Many Studies Featured at the ADA 79th Scientific Sessions

We highlight a few that may have flown under the radar during the annual research extravaganza.

 “He didn’t need to die, this Alec Smith.”

In defense of her decision to vote down a bill to provide emergency insulin, Minnesota state senator Karin Housley appears to suggest that a Minnesotan with type 1 diabetes didn’t need to ration insulin before he died in 2017.

Eylea Injection for Diabetic Retinopathy Receives FDA Approval

The new treatment received approval after positive results were released earlier this year from the PANORAMA trial.

Insulin Affordability Advocates Decry Demise of Minnesota Emergency Insulin Access Bill

The bill, which initially was passed by both chambers of the state legislature, ultimately failed to pass in the state senate during a closed-door session.

FDA Releases Guidance on Biosimilars

FDA Releases Guidance on Biosimilars

Drug developers now have the guidelines to understand which studies and considerations are needed to demonstrate that their biosimilar is interchangeable with a reference product.

Colorado Law Caps Insulin Monthly Insulin Costs at $100 for Insured Patients

-Craig Idlebrook Yesterday, Colorado governor Jared Polis signed into law a measure that will cap total monthly insurance co-pays for insulin at $100. All insurers in the state will have to comply with the new regulation by January 1st, 2020. The measure caps out-of-pocket costs for a 30-day supply of insulin at $100 for Coloradans […]

AOC Brings Insulin Prices Into Hearing on Price-Gouging by Military Contracts

The congresswoman totals up how many vials of insulin the government could buy for the price charged for a batch of small clutch disks.

FDA Delays Decision on Eli Lilly’s Nasal Glucagon

Eli Lilly and Company is currently seeking FDA approval for their nasal glucagon, but a recent decision delay may set back their timeline for bringing the treatment to market.