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  1. Glu Events & Appearances

    Glu will be presenting, attending, and/or networking at several upcoming events focused on type 1 diabetes.  Here’s where you can catch us in 2017! ONE: The Ultimate Conference and Retreat for Adults with Type 1 Diabetes San Diego, CA June 23-25, 2017 Children with Diabetes Friends for Life Annual Conference Orlando, FL July 4-9, 2017 American […]

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  2. Who’s Who on Glu? Meet the Team!

    Glu Staff Boston Team

      Every day, Glu gives you a question to ponder, opportunities to drive research, articles that teach or inspire, and a community of nearly 20,000 individuals who just “get it” — life with type 1 diabetes. But do you know who is behind the scenes, reading your comments, brainstorming new topics to explore, writing articles […]

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  1. “You’re Too Old to Have Type 1”: Introducing GluAlyssa

    Hi everyone! I’m the newest member of the T1D Exchange team working on an exciting pilot project that aims to improve care in clinic for people with type 1 diabetes. I’m so excited to join this great organization and work with so many leaders in research, as well as highly respected Endocrinologists. I started here […]

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  2. The Diabetes Educator: Your Ally in T1D Management

    My summer used to consist of 10 weeks at diabetes camp — theme days, cafeteria food, and 2 a.m. finger pricks galore. As I moved into the professional world, my summers still revolve around diabetes, but in a much different way. In just a few days, the Glu team takes off again for our third […]

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  3. Citizen Scientists at Friends for Life 2016


    Big thanks to all of our friends and colleagues who visited our booth or attended our talk on Citizen Scientists at Friends for Life in Orlando last week!  Dr. Henry, GluAnna and I were delighted to share our mission to advance research and improve outcomes for all who live with type 1 diabetes. If you […]

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  4. Introducing GluRyan, Our Glu Summer Intern!

    Ryan Intro copy

    Hello everybody! My name is Ryan Brennick and I will be interning at Glu this summer. My T1D Story It was just a normal day of high school for me. The end of junior year was coming, it was warm out, and everyone was looking forward to the last few days of school. All was […]

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  5. Meet Gary Hall, Jr., the Newest Member of Our Team!

    Gary Hall Portrait

    My diagnosis was not uncommon, or ceremonious. Meter in hand, the family physician squirmed as he sheepishly delivered bad news, instructing me to seek out an endocrinologist immediately. An appointment was set for that afternoon. I left the office with a blood glucose meter, a vial of Humalog, and a head full of white noise. […]

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  6. A Glu Panel on T1D and Nutrition


    Food is probably a central point of every diabetes-related discussion at some point. Here at Glu Headquarters in Boston, we have a pretty diverse range of dietary approaches—some based on personal diabetes management and others based on parenting a child with type 1. We thought it would be fun (and hopefully useful!) if we got […]

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