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How one father of a girl with type 1 diabetes stood in the way to prevent a grave medical error.

Good advice from the College Diabetes Network’s well-loved Off to College with Diabetes guide.

A patient advocate with two daughters with T1D discusses how glucagon kept a daughter out of ER.

A father learns that taking action to help the diabetes community was the best remedy for him to overcome the initial helplessness of his daughter’s diagnosis. The moment you get the news, the only word you hear is diabetes. Every parent of a child with T1D has had that moment. The word echoes and everything […]

A parent mentor for a pediatric diabetes clinic shares what works for her and her family.    Incorporating a new medical routine into your daily life takes conscious work. I found this out firsthand when I started taking (non-diabetes) medication daily several years ago. I struggled to remember to routinely take the medicine, and once […]

Laughter in the lunch line. Running in the halls. Hugs all around. This is the essence of Friends for Life, the annual family-centric conference hosted by Children with Diabetes (CWD) every summer in Orlando, Florida. One cannot attend Friends for Life without feeling the powerful embrace of others who live just like you. The colored […]

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You probably met with a diabetes educator when you (or your child) were first diagnosed, learning what you needed to know about type 1 diabetes and how to live well with this brand new condition. Your educator may have worked with you to develop a daily diabetes management plan, teaching you about taking insulin and […]

Sick of the cold? It’s that time of year when parents and kids are beginning to think about summer schedules, and plans for diabetes camp may be part of that plan. Whether your child is hoping you get in the same cabin as their best buds from last summer, or you’re still doing research on which […]

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Not too long ago, women with type 1 diabetes were told they should never get pregnant – that it was too difficult to manage blood sugar, and therefore, too risky for both the mother and unborn child. Today, thanks to advanced therapies and technologies, women with type 1 diabetes can and do have healthy pregnancies […]

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As part of our Mental Health Collaboration Efforts with the American Diabetes Association, one of our key focus areas is around nutrition and disordered eating. Ann Goebel-Fabbri, a clinical psychologist and published author based in Boston, recently talked with us about the important issue of eating disorders in diabetes and the journey of recovery. Eating […]