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“Emotional support would be very nice right now. As a 19-year old young woman, I like to look forward to my life and my future, not fear it like I do everyday. I hate thinking about what could happen. I hate feeling this way.”  “My anxiety and depression are so profound that I don’t know […]

An open letter to parents, from a former teen with type 1 diabetes.  As an adult who works closely with parents and peers, “when did you become independent with your diabetes?” and “when did you start really caring about your diabetes?” are questions I’m asked fairly often. If your child was diagnosed before or during […]

Another survey of Glu users also found that 74 percent of respondents lose sleep several times a week because of device alarms. -Danielle Gianferante/GluDanielle It’s been well documented that poor sleep quality affects overall health in a negative way. But what if you must wake up at night, in order to manage an existing disease? […]


My Uber pulls up to the large, modern building complex and I pause before opening the door. I’ve been invited to Dexcom, the company that makes a little device that has changed the lives of so many living with type 1. In only a few years, this company has grown from one building to four, […]

Doctor Taking Senior Female Patient's Blood Pressure

Your Diabetes may vary – this is a phrase that has been etched into my day-to-day routine as well as any diabetes advice I can recall in the last 3+ years living type 1 diabetes (T1D). It rings true in many ways, as everyone has different devices, therapies, ratios used for dosing insulin — the […]

Italian Pizza

A clinician gives his best advice, and we hear about what others with type 1 say works for them.

When You Bolus Matters

Researchers find that post-meal insulin delivery is correlated with higher HbA1c levels, and that patients who gave insulin during or after the meal were more likely to miss at least one insulin bolus during the week, according to T1D Exchange Clinic Registry data.

Amy and Children

A mother of a child with type 1 diabetes draws strength from the stories of coworkers who have relied on their mothers after a type 1 diabetes diagnosis.

LMN Close 3

Read how one mother with type 1 diabetes juggles her daughter's care with her own diabetes management.

Bigfoot system on striped background with investigational watermark

  We all want to get our hands on the latest and greatest technology in type 1 diabetes, and it appears a closed-loop system is on the horizon. With several players in the race to bring artificial pancreas technology to market, one company to watch is Bigfoot Biomedical. We recently connected with Founder & CEO […]