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T1D Exchange Registry - A User-Friendly Way to Participate in Type 1 Diabetes Research

Innovative new features help make participating in type 1 diabetes research easier and more accessible.

HbA1c Levels Decreasing for Pregnant Women with Type 1 Diabetes

Researchers also found that CGM use has risen among this group in the last six years, according to T1D Exchange Clinic Registry data. The findings were presented at the American Diabetes Association 79th Scientific Sessions in San Francisco.

Read More About T1D Exchange Research at the ADA 79th Scientific Sessions

We provide links to articles about all 14 abstracts featuring T1D Exchange research and data from the T1D Exchange Clinic Registry.

Researchers with T1D Exchange Patient-Centered Research and Eli Lilly reported the results of six focus groups who discussed the daily burdens of life with type 1 diabetes.

Here are the 14 T1D Exchange Abstracts Presented at the American Diabetes Association 79th Scientific Sessions

Learn about researchers’ work to improve care and track health trends among people with type 1 diabetes.

T1D Exchange Clinic Registry Data Part of Many Studies Presented At ADA 79th Scientific Sessions

On the same month of the biggest conference of the year, T1D Exchange announces the launch of a new T1D Exchange Registry.

A Lifetime with Type 1 Diabetes, a Career of Service to the Type 1 Diabetes Community

A profile of Charlie Iacono, managing director of commercial partnerships and advancement for T1D Exchange.

T1D Exchange and DreaMed Diabetes Formalize Partnership to Optimize Insulin Treatment Plans in Clinics

Type 1 diabetes decision support technology analyzes patient data from variety of devices to determine insulin delivery recommendations for maintaining balanced glucose levels.

T1D Exchange Names Glooko as Data Management Partner in Quality Improvement Collaborative

The partnership promises secure integration of diabetes device data in an extensive type 1 diabetes data platform to drive more accurate decisions in treatment and care.

Meet the Registry Team

Meet the Registry

Get to know the team behind the T1D Exchange Registry