Community Insights: Alcohol and Diabetes

Community Results

Alcohol and diabetes is such an important topic but, from the results of our question of the day, a large percentage of you that responded reported that you haven’t had this discussion with your doctor. 49% of responders who drank alcohol said they haven’t talked with their doctor about it.


I’m among the group who has never had a conversation with my doctor about alcohol, aside from answering the obligatory “how many alcoholic beverages do you drink per week” question. The conversation never seems to go beyond that for me, but I feel it should. I have had some bad experiences with my diabetes and alcohol in the past. I wonder if any of those situations could have been prevented if I knew more about the relationship with alcohol, my liver, and my diabetes management.

What have your educational experiences been with alcohol?  Do you think an education on alcohol and diabetes management should be provided by your doctor?

By Bill Woods – GluBil

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