Community Results: Diabetes and Discrimination

Community Results

We asked if you ever felt discriminated against because of your diabetes. Were you surprised 45.6% of those that responded said yes? Sadly, that is a large percentage, but honestly I was not surprised on the outcome. I was among those that has responded to this question with a yes.


Having lived with T1D for 25 years I actually have felt discriminated against several times. I wear it as a badge on my chest in this battle with diabetes. Diabetes isn’t just about blood glucose numbers, it’s about stereotypes, insurance, mental stress, and so much more. It’s about what other people think too (as much as I hate to say that).

Ultimately, the results from this question shed light on how those of us with diabetes feel discriminated against. Whether we actually are discriminated against, in the legal sense, is another topic.

How do the results from this question make you feel?

By Bill Woods – GluBill

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