Company Developing a Pump As Thin as a Bandage


The T1D Exchange Diabetes Innovation Challenge is a prize competition that seeks to identify the most promising innovations in diabetes care, to present new innovators to a robust network of funders and potential partners, and to award the top innovators with cash and in-kind support. We’re taking a look at some of past winners from 2016, including:

CamMed is using cutting-edge technology to develop affordable and actively-controllable drug delivery devices. One such device, the Evopump, is a bandage-like, ultra-thin, flexible patch pump designed to deliver injectable drugs. The Evopump may be helpful for a wide range of conditions that require multiple daily injections, including diabetes.

We asked CamMed Co-Founder and CEO Larry Alberts what winning the Challenge meant for his organization.

“The Challenge presented a great opportunity for the company to get validation from key audiences regarding the relevance and potential of our device to meet the needs of the T1D community. It also raised our profile,” Alberts said.

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At the Challenge, the company was introduced to representatives from JDRF; JDRF later provided a substantial amount of support to the development of the Evopump. Additionally, CamMed was able to utilize an in-kind sponsorship opportunity provided by The Massachusetts Medical Device Development (M2D2) Center at UMass Lowell. The M2D2 facility in Lowell became the company’s base of operations, and gave CamMed access to research facilities and support from the university’s plastics engineering department.


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