Dexcom Announces Plans For Limited G7 CGM Rollout in Late 2020

excom Announces Plans For Limited G7 CGM Rollout in Late 2020

-Craig Idlebrook

On July 31st, representatives for Dexcom provided a tentative timeline for the development and release of their newest continuous glucose monitor (CGM) model, the G7, as a highlight of their second-quarter earnings conference call. 

The CGM news was one of several pieces of news about the firm’s research and development pipeline shared during the event.

The G7

According to a transcript, Dexcom officials believe they are on track to receive FDA approval for the G7 in time for a limited commercial release of the CGM in late 2020, with a larger commercial launch in 2021. Currently, the company is conducting small trials to determine the final design for the G7 (not pictured above), but officials declined to describe those design decisions in detail on the earnings call.

“We’re making some very big decisions over the next couple of months before we lock in design and go,” said Dexcom CEO Kevin Sayer. 

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According to Sayer, Dexcom is taking a different approach with the design of the G7 than they did with previous generations of Dexcom CGMs. Everything, he said, is being manufactured to a high standard, but at “a lower cost in a more reliable way.” The goal, he said, is eventually to bring down the price of manufacturing the product after its initial rollout.

Earlier this year, Sayer spoke with T1D Exchange at ADA 2019 in San Francisco, saying “As we look at in the future, to G7 and past G7, if you look at the electronics innovations coming – there are flexible batteries or even smaller power sources. We have some interesting decisions to make in the future. How small does it really have to be?”

Other Dexcom Pipeline News

In the call, Dexcom officials also laid out several other pieces of news about their product pipeline:

-The G6 will be rolled out for Medicare recipients in the fourth quarter of this year. 

-The company is on track to meet its stated goal of doubling production of the G6 by the end of this year. 

-Dexcom has submitted the G6 Pro CGM for FDA approval. This CGM is designed for use by healthcare professionals, and could be employed in a hospital setting. This Pro CGM is somewhat different from a Dexcom Pro CGM cleared by the FDA in November and intended for use in studies, according to a previous report by Close Concerns. 

Dexcom Executive Vice President Steve Pacelli highlighted projects with Companion Medical, Eli Lilly and Company, and Novo Nordisk to integrate its CGMs with smart insulin pens. 

-The company hopes to expand use of its CGMs among people with type 2 diabetes who are on insulin therapy. 

Dexcom has become a dominant player in the CGM marketplace. Recently, T1D Exchange Glu members were asked in an informal poll what brand of CGM they’re using. Early results from that poll illustrate the company’s dominant share of the CGM marketplace:

However, in recent years, Dexcom has faced increased competition from Abbott and other companies which have released their own uniquely designed CGMs and isCGMs. This has made the marketplace more volatile than in years past – which means all the players have increased incentives to innovate and create exciting new diabetes care products. 

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Photo of G6 CGM products provided by Dexcom

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