Diabetes Innovation Challenge: The Semi-Finalists, Pt.2



The excitement around the Diabetes Innovation Challenge continued last week, as T1D Exchange and M2D2 hosted the second of two Semi-finals events at the University of Massachusetts Lowell Student Center.

As you may recall, we designed this event to seek out and find novel therapies and innovative solutions for all aspects of diabetes research, clinical care, and patient quality of life. Our incentive prize will provide $150,000 or more in cash or in-kind services (provided by T1D Exchange, M2D2, lead sponsors JDRF and American Diabetes Association, and others) to at least two awardees.

On October 5th, 15 companies presented their innovative therapies and product ideas to a panel of five judges representing the diabetes community. Here are their innovations:

  • Biorasis

Biorasis is developing the smallest and most accurate continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system to vastly improve the quality of life of diabetics and restore their active lifestyle.

  • CamMed

Cam Med is developing its breakthrough design for a patient-friendly patch (like a bandage) pump, the Evopump, which delivers one or multiple injectable medications subcutaneously. Invisible under clothing and unobtrusive during sleep and daily activities, the ultra-thin and flexible Evopump overcomes physical and psychological barriers that inhibit the majority of patients from wearing pumps.


  • Clinitech

Clinitech’s LabPatch is an electronic bandage that rapidly senses glucose levels by non-invasively sampling interstitial fluid from just beneath the wearer’s skin, and then communicates results wirelessly. Microscale functionality ensures that fluid access causes no sensation for the wearer, and the skin experiences no visual or microscopic injury, marks, or discoloration.

  • Fairbanks Pharmaceuticals

Fairbanks Pharmaceuticals is developing novel therapies that will promote formation of new beta cells to replace those lost in diabetic patients. These regenerated beta cells are necessary to restore insulin production and glucose control.

  • Glyscend

Glyscend is developing the first orally-administered intestinal lining which mimics the therapeutic benefits of bariatric surgery on type 2 diabetes. Regulated as a medical device, Glyscend’s approach reduces cost, improves patient safety, and preserves the patient/primary care provider relationship -all of which increase the likelihood of adoption and impact.

  • Integrated Medical

Integrated Medical presented an accurate, fully implantable, wireless, continuous glucose monitoring platform that is 10 times cheaper and lasts for 10 times longer than the current CGM systems. The system will enable a broader patient population to manage diabetes in an effective and economical manner.


Integrated Medical’s implantable CGM sensor

  • Jupiter Devices

Jupiter Devices has developed a non-invasive continuous glucose monitor to replace the current invasive hypodermic Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) solutions as well as blood glucose monitors and disposable test strips. Utilizing radio frequency (RF) analysis of molecular structures to accurately identify and measure blood glucose without blood extraction or hypodermic sampling of interstitial fluid.

  • NangioTx

NangioTx Inc.’s new game-changing product effectively cures Claudication (a consequence of peripheral artery disease). The company has invented a highly angiogenic peptide that assembles into nanofibers and when injected into muscle initiates and guides formation of new blood vessels which results in regeneration of function of ischemic muscle.

  • Novointestine

Novointestine LLC was recently founded by entrepreneurs and physician-scientists. Our goal is to take advantage of the advanced 3D bio-printing technology to create precise, biodegradable onsite mesh scaffold gastrointestinal drug delivery system and screening drug candidates from gene profile changed by the duodenal-jejunal bypass for the treatment of diabetes.

  • QSM Diagnostics

The QSM Diagnostics product, a wound dressing with integrated sensors, will allow continuous monitoring and early detection of bacterial infections in wounds. The sensors will alert the patient and their caregiver when action is required. Faster diagnosis of infection will reduce hospitalization and amputations for diabetics with foot ulcers.

  • SFC Fluidics

SFC Fluidics’ dual hormone delivery system will be designed to meet the demand for robust, reliable insulin and glucagon delivery in a patch pump that will be small enough to be discretely worn by children and adolescents.

  • TheraNova

TheraNova has developed a technology to improve current standard-of-care for diabetes management. Preclinical and clinical feasibility studies have demonstrated favorable glucose kinetics in the intra-peritoneal space compared to the subcutaneous space. These studies form the basis for the ultimate development of an artificial pancreas in the intra-peritoneal space.

  • UND

UND intends to develop a lipid-based small molecule as a potential drug to prevent and manage diabetic retinopathy, one of the leading causes of blindness.

  • Windgap Medical

Windgap has developed an autoinjector that automates the rehydration and administration of lyophilized drugs. It is the size of a BIC lighter and intuitive to use. They have utilized their proven platform to improve the delivery of glucagon for Type 1 and Type 2 patients at risk of insulin induced hypoglycemia.

  • Orgenesis

Orgenesis presented a cell replacement therapy approach comprised of autologous Insulin Producing (AIP) cells, generated from the diabetic patient’s own liver cells (1 gr). The AIP cells, which produce and secrete processed insulin in a glucose regulated manner are infused into the same patient’s liver, using the same clinical delivery procedure currently used for islet transplantations.

What’s Next?

Now that the semi-finalists have all presented their innovations for the first time (see our write-up of the first event held on Sept. 29th), we are now eagerly awaiting the judges’ decision and hope to announce the finalists in the coming days. These finalists will give one more presentation on October 20th and at least two winners will be chosen at the T1D Exchange Annual Meeting the following day.

Stay tuned!

-Amy Bevan/GluMom


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