DiabeteSpeaks: Diabetes, All Grown Up


In our last episode, we talked with Jeff’s fiancée about the partner’s perspective on life with type 1 diabetes. Here, we talk with Jeff about being diagnosed at the age of 32, and he talks to us about how he learned to adjust his routine to play soccer or go climbing, and how beneficial a low-carb regimen has been for him:

“I’m a vegetarian and I think most vegetarians replace meat products with carbs: pastas, breads, starches, potatoes, stuff like that. So I had to rethink my diet quite a bit because those things just kept raising my blood sugar all the time. The hardest thing to give up was pizza. I’m now at the point where I have pizza if my blood sugar is kind of on the low end of the scale…It’s a lot of extra work to stay healthy and I don’t want years shut off the end of my life if I can just be disciplined and stay on top of it. And that’s important to me and important to the ones I love.”


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