DiabeteSpeaks, Episode 6: Learning to Let Go



“There we were in the middle of the desert. He was in an RV at the time so I decided to just leave everything and run off on a big romantic gypsy adventure with you from renaissance fair to renaissance fair. I was playing the violin. He was playing drums. And at some point in the journey diabetes kind of jumped on board too.”

In this episode of DiabeteSpeaks, we talk with Darius and his wife Eliza. Darius began a military career, but left due to an injury. A few years later, symptoms of diabetes appeared, and he was initially diagnosed as type 2 before test results revealed he had type 1. Darius and Eliza talk about relationships and diabetes, Darius talks about how life in the military influenced his perception of diabetes management, and the challenges he faces with the VA insurance system.

“My insurance through the Veterans Administration authorizes only three strips a day. That’s not enough for me. I look for alternate sources to purchase the extra strips because I am not going to compromise my peace of mind or my safety because the insurance company said three times a day is enough. I can go through their three-day quota in mistakes. You know, you put one in, and your low and you’re shaking anyway, and you put the blood in the strip before the meter tells you it is ready, you just wasted that strip. Then you realize you forgot to wash your hands.”

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