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-Craig Idlebrook

Blood sugar management is rarely routine with type 1 diabetes, but illness can add additional layers of complexity. Too often, those affected by type 1 diabetes must use trial and error to discover what works best to minimize the risk of hypoglycemia and/or diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) while also dealing with the flu or an upset stomach.  

The T1D Exchange Quality Improvement Collaborative, a network of clinicians from 10 diabetes centers, has created a guide for sick day management based on their collective expertise in type 1 diabetes care. A group of healthcare providers with the Collaborative first drafted the guide by piecing together sound medical advice. Patients and parents then stepped in to transform the doctors’ advice into something they could embrace as useful advice for the real world. The final text was agreed upon by all involved.

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The process to come to consensus was both comprehensive and rewarding, said Nicole Rioles, Director of Quality Improvement with T1D Exchange.

“Some clinics and centers want to educate patients on how to assess their ketone levels to keep them safe, whereas other clinics prefer you get seen by a provider immediately,” Rioles said. “In the end we created a document that satisfied both groups and we hope it can be widely used at endocrine centers across the United States.”

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Guide created by the T1D Exchange Quality Improvement Collaborative

Guide visual design by Ray Burgett



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