Colorado Caps Insulin Co-Pay Costs at $100 a Month

The new law doesn't addressed those who have to pay list price for insulin, however.

Eversense Implantable CGM Integrates With Glooko Diabetes Management Platform

-Craig Idlebrook

On March 5th, Senseonics announced that data from its Eversense implantable continuous glucose monitor (CGM) can now be viewed and uploaded on the Glooko diabetes management platform. The integration will allow Eversense users to view their blood sugar trends on Glooko apps, though real-time glucose readings will still be viewed directly on the Eversense app.

This news comes a few weeks after Glooko announced that Novo Nordisk’s two soon-to-be released smart insulin pens would be integrated with Glooko’s Diasend platform, according to a report in MobiHealthNews. Those who use the NovoPen 6 and the NovoPen Echo Plus pens will be able to view theirdosing data on the diasend platform. The two Novo Nordisk new smart pens are expected to launch in the first quarter of 2019.  

Partnerships between type 1 diabetes tech companies have become more frequent in recent years, as these companies attempt to carve out market-share in a medical tech space that has long been dominated by Medtronic. Recently, the FDA has encouraged this type of collaboration by creating regulatory designations for insulin pumps and CGMs designed to operate with technology provided by several different companies.


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