FDA-Approved Omnipod DASH System: 13 Facts to Know

Update – 3/27/2019 – We have received word that the Full Market Release for the Omnipod DASH system is expected in the coming weeks. Current Insulet customers can call 1-800-591-3455 to inquire about switching to the new system.   

-Craig Idlebrook/GluCraig

Insulet’s Omnipod DASH System has received FDA clearance. Here are 13 facts to know about the new pump system:

1) The Pods look the same as with the old system, but the old Pods are not compatible with the DASH.

2) The Pods for the DASH system will hold the same amount of insulin, and last the same length of time – 3 days – as with the old system.

3) The big design change is with the personal diabetes manager (PDM). Gone is the PDM that looks like a 90’s era pager; in its place is a PDM that looks just like a smartphone.

4) The system will be Bluetooth-enabled and wifi-compatible.

5) Right now, the apps for the system are compatible with iOS; Insulet is still working on Android compatibility.

6) You can see your PDM data on an iPhone, but you cannot make any adjustments on the phone.

7) The DASH is NOT integrated with a CGM. It has connectivity to the Contour NEXT ONE blood glucose meter, but you can utilize an app to see PDM data and Dexcom data alongside each other in the “Today’s View” feature on the iPhone.

8) The settings allow for PDM alarms to first be seen or heard on an iPhone.

9) You can share PDM readings with up to 12 people.

10) The pump system comes with a zero units per hour basal rate setting.

11) Insulet plans to roll this new system out to a limited number of endocrinologists in July, with an eye towards a full commercial rollout in early 2019.

12) Right now, this is not available in the European Union or Canada

13) There are no plans currently to discontinue the original Omnipod pump system.

You can learn more about the DASH system here: https://www.myomnipod.com/DASH_FAQs.

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