Get Ready to Smash Diabetes!


Ever feel like diabetes is that ghost following you around? Constantly in the background, whispering in your ear?

Halloween is just around the corner, so get ready to grab a pumpkin to Smash Diabetes to kick off Diabetes Awareness Month in November!

Most of us dread the daily grind of pricking a finger, changing a pump site, drawing up insulin, and the list goes on and on. Day after day, year after year, we strive internally to feel confident that we’ve done enough—that we’ve earned that in-range number or target A1c. Diabetes is a silent illness, we don’t look sick; we run marathons, climb mountains, travel the world, and have healthy babies. And although we often fight so hard in our minds and work endlessly to keep our numbers steady 24/7, we often forget how hard we try to get there.

The idea behind Smash Diabetes is really to visually show the world how frustrated we are about the never-ending grind we often face in silence. Although we can eat candy on Halloween, Easter, and any other commercialized sugar-saturated holiday, it still poses a challenge and adds to the uncertainty of blood sugar patterns. As Diabetes Awareness Month begins, we ask that you help us visualize your feelings, whether you have diabetes yourself, or know someone who does.

On Saturday, November 1, the day after Halloween, we encourage everyone to Smash Diabetes! Take a pumpkin or any other autumnal object and smash it as creatively as you wish (keeping safe, of course!) and post it on your favorite social media channels using the #smashdiabetes hashtag. Tag your friends and encourage them to participate! Have a pumpkin-smashing party! Finalists will be featured on Glu, and you’ll get to vote for the winning video.

Be as creative as you want to be! Need some inspiration? Check out the video below:

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