Glu and ADA Teaming Up for Mental Health Initiative


“Emotional support would be very nice right now. As a 19-year old young woman, I like to look forward to my life and my future, not fear it like I do everyday. I hate thinking about what could happen. I hate feeling this way.” 

My anxiety and depression are so profound that I don’t know where to turn. I’m LADA (adult-onset T1), and though it’s roughly under control, my emotions are not. Am desperately trying to seek help, but Medicare psychs are not easy to find! I hope I find someone soon…”

“In the last 5 months since diagnosis, I’ve definitely had my days. it’s a very scary, real disease that we take on everyday and can’t stop thinking about for even a moment. It sucks.”

We know behavioral health issues are already a concern for many of you because of some of your recent comments and quotes on Glu. We recognize that type 1 takes a toll on our overall health – and not just physically. That’s why T1D Exchange and the Glu community is teaming up with the American Diabetes Association to learn more about how patients and their clinicians are tackling mental health.

Through questions of the day and research surveys, we’re hoping to learn more from this community, in order to improve treatments and increase overall awareness of behavioral health issues.

We’re lucky to have gathered over two dozen clinicians from across the country, each with varying expertise in topics like eating disorders, adolescent health, life transitions such as menopause, death or divorce, and accessing mental health services. As you may have noticed on several recent Questions of the Day, we’ve already begun asking for your input so we can break down the challenges and dissect these gaps more closely.  From our community’s input, we hope to:

  • learn more about how we can foster communication in the clinic,
  • prevent some of the drastic outcomes we see too often, and
  • surface these issues to the top of the agendas so that standardized changes can be made.

With this work, we hope to create a feeling of holistic wellness that includes mind and body.

To all who have trusted us with your thoughts and feelings…thank you for being so honest and open with your journey. We look forward to digging deeper.

-Anna Floreen/GluAnna

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