“Having Type 1 is Having A Superpower”

“We manage a life and death disease every day … we woke up this morning, we won.’

Rodney Miller is the CEO of Bolus and Barbells, a non-profit organization that hosts fitness events for people with type 1 diabetes around the country. He stopped by the T1D Exchange booth at Friends for Life to chat with us earlier this year.

Rodney told us how he views type 1 diabetes as “having a superpower,” because living with and managing a disease that never sleeps and requires constant monitoring is a feat that most people can’t do.

“We show up to play a sport, we’ve already done something that our teammates will never have to think about doing,” he said.

While diabetes can be an immense burden financially, physically, and emotionally, it is worth taking the time to appreciate how people with type 1 diabetes rise to the task of managing it. It’s often referred to as a “second job,” one that we have to balance with all the other demands of our lives. Doing so successfully, or even making a strong effort, is an accomplishment to be admired.

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