Insulet Working to Make Omnipod Dash Pumps Controllable with Samsung Galaxy Phones

By Craig Idlebrook/GluCraig

Insulet announced this past week that it is collaborating with Samsung on a project to allow users of the Omnipod Dash pump system to control their pumps using Samsung Galaxy phones.

A full commercial release of the Omnipod Dash pump system is planned in early 2019. The Dash system currently replaces the pager-like personal diabetes manager (PDM) of older Omnipod pumps with a locked-down mobile phone for controlling pump settings.

This collaboration would take things one step further and allow Dash users to control the pump on a completely functional Samsung Galaxy phone. The press release of the collaboration asserted that the Samsung Knox mobile security platform would compliment the Dash system’s own security features to keep Dash users secure.

This new feature would be limited to only certain models of Samsung Galaxy phones, but the press release did not specify which models. No timeline was given for the project’s completion, and the integration would need to be approved by the FDA before hitting the market.

You can read the full announcement here:

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