It Takes an Army…and a Village


Dear Friends,

14,000 people just spent 5 days learning to be better researchers, clinicians, scientists, and innovators in diabetes

This is my fifteenth consecutive year attending the American Diabetes Association’s Scientific Sessions (the largest diabetes event in the world) where more than 14,000 global leaders meet to learn, share, and experience cutting-edge research and technology, ground-breaking studies, and advances in diabetes care.

Conferences like ADA always remind me of the amazing army of experts—patient advocates, physicians, nurses, dietitians, CDEs, psychologists, health specialists, researchers, and scientists—who connect face-to-face to discuss the year’s most promising research and advances that can improve lives, and hopefully one day prevent and cure diabetes.

This year, T1D Exchange had a number of presentations and poster sessions at ADA Scientific Sessions, that covered topics such as:

  • Scientific (the physiologic importance of residual C-peptide through beta-cell responsivity in type 1 diabetes)
  • Practical (mini-dose glucagon as a novel approach to prevent exercise-induced hypoglycemia in type 1 diabetes)
  • Emotional (parent perceptions of the emotional impact of type 1 diabetes in children less than 8 years old)

The Glu community’s biggest ambassador and celebrity, Dr. Nick, also presented data at ADA from a research study he conducted on Glu about the impact of the Center for Medicare Services (CMS) Insulin Pump Policies on Patients with T1D.

Dr. Nick Argento at ADA’s 77th Scientific Sessions

Medicare requires that insulin pump patients receive quarterly face to face visits in order to receive necessary disposable supplies. Dr. Nick’s research concludes that the policy is not evidence based and creates additional burden for patients and their doctors. In other words, it’s time for CMS to update Insulin Pump Policies!

This week, 14,000 experts attended the 77th ADA Scientific Sessions on behalf of the millions of people affected by diabetes. This incredible army of experts is impressive, but you, our community of people touched by diabetes, are equally impressive. By raising your hands, participating in studies and helping the entire army of experts collaborate to accelerate treatments and improve care in type 1 diabetes—you are helping drive change that will lead to better outcomes.

As we like to say at T1D Exchange, it takes an army…and a village. Thank you for being part of our village.

Very best,
Dana A. Ball
Executive Director and Co-founder, T1D Exchange

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