Key Findings from the T1D Exchange Registry


Did you know the T1D Exchange Clinic Registry offers a searchable database on Glu? You can now choose from 28 different fields to discover how you compare with more than 26,000 other people with type 1 diabetes.

The T1D Exchange Clinic Registry bolsters research and development projects and programs in type 1 diabetes by helping researchers characterize individuals in the United States with T1D, conduct exploratory or hypothesis-generating analyses, and identify participants for future clinical studies. Participants range in age, at the time of enrollment, from less than one year to 93 years, and have lived with the condition anywhere from less than one year to 79 years.

The goal of the Clinic Registry is to update key information from all participant medical records on an annual basis and target subsets with custom questions on an ongoing basis. Both of these tactics are vital to maintaining a current, relevant, view of diabetes management as treatments evolve and maintaining the ability to assess data over time.

In this two-part series, we’re sharing some compelling observations made from the Clinic Registry data. Below is a sampling of key findings.

Registry finding 1A Registry finding 2A Registry finding 3A Registry finding 4A Registry finding 5A Registry finding 6A Registry finding 7A Registry finding 8A Registry finding 9A

The second half of the key findings from the T1D Exchange Clinic Registry can be found here.

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