Live Blog Day 1: T1D Exchange Clinic Network and Investigator Meetings

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Over the next three days some of the greatest scientific minds in T1D will come together to discuss research, findings, progress, and outcomes at the T1D Exchange Clinic Network and Investigator Meetings held in Tampa, Florida. We will be sharing some of the highlights from these meetings with you in this live blog.

Day 1: T1D Exchange Biobank Strategic Workshop

This morning over 30 scientists have gathered to meet with T1D Exchange to discuss how to use T1D patient biosamples to advance research. Carla Greenbaum, MD,Director of the T1D Exchange Biobank Operations Center at the Benaroya Research Institute kicks off meeting by discussing our sample repository and the T1D Exchange Living Biobank.

Living Biobank

The Glu Team has just arrived in Tampa, Florida, to deliver presentations to over 150 clinic coordinators and investigators involved with the T1D Exchange and type 1 diabetes research.   GluBill and GluAnna will be presenting the research that has been conducted on Glu over the past year and updating the over 70+ clinics on what to expect from Glu in the future. We thank every Glu member that has participated in our past questionnaires. Your voice will be heard by the top minds in diabetes research.  We look forward to updating you on what they have to say as the conference continues through the end of the week.

Tomorrow March 6,  we will be live tweeting from the meeting using the hashtag #T1DGreatMinds, and will continue to share the news with you here on Glu. So if you’re on Twitter, please follow @MyGlu, @T1DExchange, @GluBIll, and @Glu_Anna for the latest updates.

Day 2 continues here.



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