Livongo Integrates Features with Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Samsung Gear Smartwatches

Livongo Integrates Features with Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Samsung Gear Smartwatches

-Craig Idlebrook

Livongo announced today that it has integrated its mobile app with Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Samsung Gear. The move will allow users and their care team to receive notifications, health data, and general blood sugar management advice directly on those smart watch brands.

The company tracks many different health metrics for those with chronic conditions, including blood sugar readings through a smart meter. Those readings are stored in the cloud to be analyzed by AI technology and by live diabetes response specialists. The readings and trends can be accessed through an app, and the information from that app can now be viewed on the leading smartwatch brands.

Livongo has made a name for itself by creating a subscription model for those managing chronic conditions. For people with diabetes, it provides a smart meter that stores readings in the cloud and connects to an app, the option for unlimited test strips, and coaching to help provide support for daily blood sugar management. Its business model has relied on having major employers pick up the tab of the subscription costs for their employees with chronic conditions.

The company plans to release an initial public offering of its stock later in 2019, an event that will be closely watched by health venture capital investors. In addition to the smartwatch integration, Livongo recently announced it was collaborating with Amazon to offer Livongo members to check their blood sugar readings through Amazon Alexa.

To read the complete press release about Livongo’s smartwatch integration, click here. 

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