Meet the Newest Glu Team Member – Craig Idlebrook


Craig is Glu’s new content manager and community manager, and he comes to Glu via Insulin Nation. Here, he interviews himself, because why not?


Craig Idlebrook: Well this awkward. Whose idea was this?

Craig Idlebrook: Yours? Ours? I’m confused. Maybe we should move on.

Craig Idlebrook: Good idea. So what qualifies you to be Glu’s community engagement and content manager.

Craig Idlebrook: Well, I came to Glu and T1D Exchange after serving as editor for Insulin Nation for about four years. During that time, I also served as editor as Type 2 Nation and Información  Sobre Diabetes. I’ve probably written or edited over 500 articles about diabetes, which is a pretty funny career path for someone who didn’t start out with a personal connection to diabetes.

Craig Idlebrook: Wait, hold on. You don’t have type 1 diabetes or have a family member with type 1 diabetes?

Craig Idlebrook: Um, no. I figured you already knew that.

Craig Idlebrook: Yes, but how did you end up writing about it so much?

Craig Idlebrook: Well, before I came to Insulin Nation, I spent a decade as a freelance reporter and editor, focusing partially on medical journalism. In my work, I especially loved helping give voice to stories that might have been overlooked. When I joined the team at Insulin Nation, it was a great fit – here was a group of people who were working to tell important stories of life with an often invisible chronic condition, and I wanted to help them do that.

Craig Idlebrook: But isn’t it difficult to write about type 1 diabetes without having a lot of personal experience about it?

Craig Idlebrook: Yes! You have to come to each story with a high degree of humility and compassion, and be ready to listen to feedback. At the same time, I think having distance from type 1 diabetes can be an asset in helping provide a perspective that you may not always find within the diabetes blogosphere. It’s a difficult balancing act, but it’s a tightrope walk I love to do each day.

Craig Idlebrook: Okay, so it sounds like you’re grateful to be given the chance to serve the Glu community and all that, but what do you hope to do for Glu?

Craig Idlebrook: My goals at this job are to be a good listener, a good sharer, and a good translator. I want to listen to community feedback to shape what we do on Glu, to share great ideas and perspectives from others on life with type 1 diabetes, and to communicate about the research we do here in a way that’s both accessible and useful to everyday life with type 1 diabetes.

Craig Idlebrook: Um, that sounds like a bit much for one person to do.

Craig Idlebrook: That’s why Glu users shouldn’t be surprised if I ask them to write something for Glu. I can’t do this alone, and I wouldn’t want to. Everyone should feel free to email me with ideas and feedback at

Craig Idlebrook: I’m not sure if I gave you permission to share your email in this interview.

Craig Idlebrook: It’s done now.

Craig Idlebrook: Okay, tell us about your life outside of Glu.

Craig Idlebrook: I live in the Boston area and am married to an awesome special education teacher and theater geek. Together, we have two kids, ages 2 and 12. We’re kind of geeks, and last Halloween we dressed up as Star Wars characters. The cutest was…

Craig Idlebrook: That’s enough. Thank you. We’re not writing a novel here.

Craig Idlebrook: You think we should quit while we’re ahead?

Craig Idlebrook: Perhaps it’s best.  

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